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      1. Yech…it is a beautiful day out. And here I am stuck inside the office with all this paperwork.
      2. How am I to know what I’m supposed to do if there’s no organization around here?
      3.The company is so cheap we have to sharpen our pencils until they’re down to little stubs likethis.
      4.Now where did my eraser go this time?Don’t take things off other people’s desks withoutasking them,O.K.?
      5.I want you to stop hogging my desk space,all right?
      6.Turn the other way when you smoke,so I won’t have to breathe it,all right?
      7.Don’t talk to me while I’m in the middle of calculating.
      8.Ah,heck!Another mistake.The staff here can’t even use their calculators right!
      9.Oh,why did he have to give me this rush job now thatit’s almost time for my lunch break!
      10.I know I made a mistake.I just wish he wouldn’t keep hammering away at it.
      11.Doing this mindless work all day is going to drive me crazy.
      12.Why do I have to do all these extra needless little jobs anyway?
      13.How come everyone in ourcompany is middle-aged stuffy?
      14.Everytime he gets drunk,he goes intoh is lousypreaching routine.
      15.I don’t understand what’s going on inside these young people’s heads.
      16.Say,don’t you think Miss Black is using the phone too much for personal calls?