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      假設你將參加某英文雜志開展的一次征文活動,內容要求你在電視,手機和網絡三者中,放棄其中的一個并陳述理由。請你以“which would you give up: TV, cell or Web?” 為題,寫一篇短文。
      范文: Which would you give up : TV , cell or web?
      We are now living in an information age , in which TV , cells and the web are widely used . It seems that many people can not enjoy themselves with them .
      However , if I had to give up one of them , I would turn off TV rather than switch off my cell or cut off the internet . I could do without TV because few TV shows can take my fancy and there’re too many commercials . Besides , most programs on TV are also available elsewhere .
      As for cells and the web , they are more necessary to me . I need a cell to keep in touch with my friends and family , and almost all information can be gathered on the internet .
      My best friend is called Tom.He is 14 years old.He is a handsome boy.He is tall and has a medium build.His hair is short black and straight.We always play together.He is friendly and funny boy.He always helps others.When I get into a trouble he always helps me.That is my best friend Tom.
      Li Ming is my best friend, who grows up with me. We have been friends for six years since we were in primary school. We have many in commons. For example, we both like playing football and watching sport games. Besides, we like cartoons and we always watch cartoon programs together. We play football very often. After class, we do not go home but play football with classmates. We usually have great time. However, we still pay much attention on study, because it’s our priority. We help each other in study and make progress together. To some extend, we are families.