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      Listening Section
      I. Pictures Listen to the questions. Then choose the best 看圖辨義 – 26% 每題6.5分
      answer according to each picture. A.
      For questions number 1 and 2, please look at picture A. (D) 1. What are some people doing here?
      A. They’re B. They’re hacking phones.breaching walls. C. They’re clarifying laws.
      D. They’re going bananas. (A) 2. What might the woman be saying?
      A. Who is the unsung hero on this team? B. Let’s discuss the news syndicate now.C. We could also go rappelling together. D. Why is cave tubing so popular now? B.
      For questions number 3 and 4, please look at picture B. (C) 3. What is true about the woman?
      A. She has run out of art supplies. B. She’s examining flaws in tools. C. She’s ready to go scuba d
      D. She’ll meet several journalists.iving. (C) 4. What is the man probably asking?
      A. Are you running up against poor teachers? B. Which of your kids was the unsung hero? C. Do you intend to explore the barrier reef?
      D. Are your old leotards in need of cleaning? II. Best Response Choose the best response to each question or 最佳回應句 – 32% 每題8分 statement.
      (D) 5. My uncle is one of the best journalists around. A. Then he must be able to repair stoves. B. How long has he practiced medicine? C. I’ll return the clothes to his new store.
      D. What kinds of news does he report? (B) 6. Sally says her tummy is making a growling
      noise. A. Turn down the volume a little.
      B. SheC. Don’t let her dog stay in the house.’s probably getting hungry.
      D. That’s why we’re always a little late. (B) 7. Why does Peter refuse to try scuba diving? A. He prefers Western food.
      B. He doesn’t like to get wet.C. He hates working at home.
      D. He can’t sing simple tunes. (A) 8. Are your grandparents very adventurous? A. No, they prefer to stay home.
      B. Yes, they should see a dentist. C. No, they’re feeling fine now.
      D. Yes, they own a small house. III. Short Conversations Listen to the conversations. Then answer the 簡短會話 – 24% 每題8分questions.
      (B) 9. W:
      M: W: What did the doctor show you? M: Oh? What did he say about it? An X-ray of my spine.
      W: That everything looks normal. M: Then what’s causing your pain?He isn’t sure yet. He wants to do further
      Q: A. The man’s foot. What did the X-ray probably show?
      C. The man’s knee. B. The man’s back.D. The man’s wrist.
      (C) 10. M:
      W: Why are you holding your little dog? M: Can’t you see? She’s trembling.
      W: Yes. What are they? Oh. Do those loud noises upset her?
      M: Fireworks, I think. Q: A. She’s sleepy. What is true about the little dog? B. S C. D. She’s hungry.
      She’s anxious.he’s pleased.
      (C) 11.
      W: This is the site of an old castle.
      M: Really? There’s nothing here but ruins now. W: Yes, it came under heavy attack in a war and
      didn’t survive. M: When was that?
      W: Near the end of the fifteenth century.
      Q: What does the woman imply about the castle? the darker side of computer hacking, Luke McOmie says he now enjoys helping people. While McOmie still gets to face hacking challenges, now he does it for good reasons.
      A. Instead, he quietly worked with major Internet companies to find a solution to the problem.
      A. It’s located by a wide river.B. It has fantastic works of art. C. It was destroyed long ago. D. It’s open to the public now. IV. Short Talk
      Listen to the passage. Then choose the best answer 短文 – 18% 每題9分
      for each question.
      the Lions last night to win the soccer championship. Thousands of people watched the Bears defeat Throughout most of the game, neither team could put the ball in the net. Then with five minutes left in the game, a to score. The Bears’ fans flaw in the Lions’ defense allowed the Bears resumed, every the Lions went went bananason . When play and finally tactic they could think of to score but couldn’t the attack. They tried thrilled favorite team had Bears’ ran out offans ran time. When the game ended, all over the field. Their and won.
      run up against a strong opponent (A) 12. What kind of talk is this?
      A. A sports report. C. A history lecture. B. A political address. (D) 13. What does the speaker describe in this talk?
      D. A math presentation. A. Several types of fruit. B. A scientific formula. C. An endangered animal. Reading Section
      D. Fierce competitors. I. Discourse Structure
      Read the passage and fill in each blank with the 篇章結構 – 20% 每題4分 correct word or phrase.
      broken into the computers of all kinds of companies. With his two partners, Luke McOmie has for for good. His team does freelance work security. banks and businesses in need of Companies improved use the who People usually think of a “hacker” as a person information breaks or money, into computer or simply systems to cause to mischief. steal Hat” known as “White Hat” hackers.hackers; Those who commit crimes are known as “Black
      those who fight
      to prevent crime are security expert Dan Kaminsky, who discovered a flaw One well-known White Hat hacker is computer iusers might try to visit their bank’s website but would n the Internet’s DNS protocol. The flaw meant that instead innocently be sent to a fake site where Kaminsky could type criminal have in sold their they would the personal details information. syndicates for millions of the flaw of dollars. to
      Information Age. Though he once experimented with
      White Hat hackers are the quiet heroes of the B. They have included financial institutions, law firms, top-secret laboratories and multimillion- dollar
      corporation. C. “Growing up and having two sons changed me
      and made me more responsible,” he says. D. But hacking can be used for both good and evil, and hackers use different monikers to make their
      motives clear. E. Their mission: to breach sophisticated security systems and then report back on how they did it.
      II. Reading Comprehension 閱讀理解 –25% 每題5分 Read the paragraphs. Then answer the questions.
      has The small Central American country of Belize preserves cover almost half of the country’s 14,162 something for everyone. National parks and square through kilometers. What can you do there? wildlife rappelling. and the thick colorful jungle birds. and Or search for interesting Walk diving Hemisphere. along You the can longest also barrier go snorkeling visit caves reef in the Western or or scuba go waters of Belize. Don’t miss visiting Ambergris Caye. Many beautiful
      cayes, or islands, sit in the Many sights lie in the beautiful clear water around it. Snorkel Reserve. or colorful schools of fish swim around you.
      You scuba can dive see in lovely the Hol corals Chan and Marine watch for encounter the If your interest is traditional culture, then head rural Toledo District of America. Guest House office. There you can register to stay at First, the native stop at Mayan Belize. the Toledo people There District of Central you’ll Maya an style. During your stay in the Toledo District, you can inexpensive guest house built in the traditional eat family. each through Native meal guides in the can home of a different Mayan people raise food crops and also plants that provide the jungle and show also you take how you the on Mayan hikes ingredients for natural medicines. Afterward, shop for traditional villagers handicraft share Mayan the handicrafts money in they the villages. The educational and medical needs. So your visit to the sales and use it to meet earn their through own Toledo District will be both fascinating and beneficial for the local people.
      (A) 6. According to this article, what can you do in
      A. Get close to nature. B. Play gambling games. C. Enjoy winter sports.
      D. Save money on clothes.
      (D) 7. What is special about Ambergris Caye?
      A. The friendly people.
      B. The cool weather. C. The street markets.
      D. The great scenery.
      (A) 8. Where is the Toledo District?
      A. In the countryside. B. Next to a busy port. C. Within a large city.
      D. Across from an airport.
      (C) 9. What can you learn about when you visit the
      Toledo District?
      A. New trends in technology. B. Mining for gold and silver. C. Local farming techniques.
      D. The royal family of Belize.
      (B) 10. According to this passage, what do people in
      the Toledo District probably do with the money they make from handcraft sales? A. They buy shares in large corporations. B. They fund the construction of schools. C. They open movie theaters and discos.
      D. They support relatives who live abroad.