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      1. Please give our claim your favorable consideration.
      2. Please examine the matter and send us the goods to meet the shortage as soon as possible.
      3. As regards inferior quality of your goods, we claim a compensa- tion of U.S.$10,000.
      4. We shall lodge a claim for all the losses incurred as a consequence of your failure to ship our order in time.
      5. Any complaint about the quality of the products should be lodged within 15 days after their arrival.
      6. Our customers are complaining of the inferior quality of our products.
      7. This seems to be a very clear case and we hope you will see your way to make a prompt settlement.
      8. We regret that your claim on shortage cannot be accepted.
      9. Our investigation shows that improper packing caused damage. Therefore we have to refer this matter to you.
      我方檢驗證明,貨物受損是由于包裝不當而造成的。因此,我們不 得不將此事提交你處解決。
      10. As the goods are inferior in quality, we are returning the whole of the 20 cases and must ask you to replace them.
      由于這些產品質量低劣,所以我方把20箱全部退回,并務必請貴方 更換這些產品。
      11. We very much regret the mistake in article number, which resulted in your receiving the wrong goods.
      12. The goods we’ve received do not tally with the sample on which we ordered.
      13. In view of the long business relations between us, we wish to meet you half way to settle the claim.
      14. We hope this unfortunate incident will not affect the relationship between us.
      15. Apparently, the shortage is due to omission in packing.
      16. In view of our friendly business relations, we are prepared to meet your claim for the 25 tons shortage weight.
      17. We are sorry that the quality of our goods did not turn out to your satisfaction.
      18. We can assure you that such a thing will not happen again in future deliveries.
      19. Enclosed is the surveyor’s report on the three damaged cases.
      20. Here’s a survey report by a well-known lab in Houston, whose testimony is absolutely reliable.
      W: Hello, Mr. Brown, how are you? It is nice to see you again.
      B: How are you, Mrs. Wang. It certainly is a pleasure to see you again here. I hope you had an enjoyable trip from London.
      W: The flight was really long, but it was comfortable so I do not feel very tired.
      B: I am glad that you had a pleasant trip. I hope you are comfortably settled and find things at the hotel satisfactory.
      W: Everything is perfect, thank you. Well, now, Mr. Brown, if you don’t mind, I’ll get to the point.
      B: Okay. You want to take up the subject of the arbutus, don’t you?
      W: That’s right. You see, Mr. Brown, you have probably been ad- vised of the serious damage done to the last consignment of 60 cases of arbutus. Upon its arrival in London on board the S.S. Cornea, it was found, much to our regret, that about 50% of the cases were leaking. Closer inspection by the Health Officers showed that the contents were considered unfit for human consumption.
      — 布朗先生,你好。很高興再次見到你。
      — 王小姐,你好。很榮幸在這里又見到你。希望你從倫敦來一路 旅途愉快。
      — 飛行時間雖長,但客機非常舒適,所以也不覺得很累。
      — 我很高興你旅途愉快。希望你住得舒適,旅館設備都還覺得滿意。
      — 謝謝你,一切都很好。噢,布朗先生,要是你不介意的話,現在咱 們就開始談談業務吧。
      — 好,你想談談楊梅的事,對不對?
      — 對。布朗先生,也許你已經知道最后一批60箱的楊梅嚴重損壞的 情況?!翱履取陛喴坏竭_倫敦的時候,我們就遺憾地發現其中有一 半左右的箱子滲漏。經衛生檢疫局官員仔細檢查,認為 內裝食品 不可供人們食用。