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      J. So,how is your course going? Do you like it?
      B.I like my professions and the classes, but it’s a lot of work.
      J.What are you specializing in?
      B.Right now, I am doing some research into the languages of different African tribes.
      J. That sounds really interesting.Can you speak Swahili?
      B. Yes, I learned how to speak it when I was little.
      J. Really? How did you do that?
      B. Well, I grew up in African, so I leaned quite a few different languages.
      J. That’s amazing. Are you doing well in your classes?
      B.I don’t know because I haven’t received any test results yet.
      J. When did you take your exams?
      B.About two weeks ago.
      J.how do you think you did?
      B. I left feeling pretty confident about my score, but I heard that my professiors are very stric garders, so I am a bit nervous.
      J I am sure you will do well. Did you study hard?
      B You know me, I am always studying!
      J Don’t worry, If you don’t do well, on one can!
      B Thanks for the vote of confidence , Justin.
      A: Let me get last week’s notes.
      B: Yeah, sure–you didn’t come to class that day?
      A: I couldn’t come.
      B: Why not?
      A: I wasn’t feeling well.
      B: Here they are.
      A: Thanks a lot; are these all the notes?
      B: Oh, no, this is the rest.
      A: Thank you very much.
      B: It’s no problem at all.
      A: Could we go over some things, because I think my test score is wrong.
      B: What do you think is wrong, the math or the way your answer was scored?
      A: Both.
      B: I am willing to take a second look because teachers make mistakes, too. Will that work for you?
      A: Yeah, I’m ready.
      B: Check your answers against the ones on the answer sheet and let me know where you see the mistake.
      A: These look strange.
      B: Yes, I agree; let’s move on to the calculating of the score. Would that be OK?
      A: OK, let’s do the calculation.
      B: We add all of these up and divide by this and that gives us this percentage.
      A: I see.
      B: Anytime you have a question, please feel free to ask!