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      Boats Sail On The Rivers
      Boats sail on the rivers, 小舟在河上航行,
      And ships sail on the seas; 大船在海中操輪,
      But clouds that sail across the sky, 然而白雲飄過天空時,
      Are prettier far than these. 比這些更為悅人。
      There are bridges on the rivers, 河上有橋,
      As pretty as you please; 如你所願的那麼悅目;
      But the bow that bridges heaven, 然而橫跨在穹蒼的長虹,
      And overtops the trees, 卻比樹梢更高,
      And builds a road from earth to sky, 而能建築一條通行天際的道路,
      Is prettier far than these. 比這些更為美好。
      Love and Marriage
      What does little birdie say, 小鳥說些什麼呢?
      In her nest at peep of day? 在這黎明初曉的小巢中?
      Let me fly, says little birdie, 小鳥說,讓我飛,
      Mother, let me fly away, 媽媽,讓我飛走吧。
      Birdie, rest a little longer, 寶貝,稍留久一會兒,
      Till the little wings are stronger. 等到那對小翅膀再長硬些兒。
      So she rests a little longer, 因此牠又多留了一會兒,
      Then she flies away. 然而牠還是飛走了。
      What does little baby say, 嬰兒說些什麼,
      In her bed at peep of day? 在破曉時分的床上?
      Baby says, like little birdie, 嬰兒像小鳥那樣說,
      Let me rise and fly away. 讓我起來飛走吧。
      Baby, sleep a little longer, 乖乖,稍微多睡一會兒,
      Till the little limbs are stronger. 等你的四肢再長硬點兒。
      If she sleeps a little longer, 如果她再多睡一會兒,
      Baby too shall fly away. 嬰兒必然也會像鳥兒一樣地飛走。
      The Star
      Twinkle, twinkle, little star! 閃耀,閃耀,小星星
      How I wonder what you are, 我想知道你身形,
      Up above the world so high, 高高掛在天空中,
      Like a diamond in the sky. 就像天上的鑽石。
      When the blazing sun is gone, 燦爛太陽已西沉,
      When he nothing shines upon, 它已不再照萬物,
      Then you show your little light, 你就顯露些微光,
      Twinkle, twinkle all the night. 整個晚上眨眼睛。
      The dark blue sky you keep 留戀漆黑的天空
      And often thro’ my curtains peep, 穿過窗簾向我望,
      For you never shut your eye 永不閉上你眼睛
      Till the sun is in the sky. 直到太陽又現形。
      ‘Tis your bright and tiny spark 你這微亮的火星,
      Lights the traveler in the dark; 黑夜照耀著遊人,
      Though I know not what you are 雖我不知你身形,
      Twinkle, twinkle, little star! 閃耀,閃耀,小星星