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      I like to make friends, because I can share my opinion with them and broaden my vision. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, I can make friends on the Internet. At first, I was so excited about the new way of making friends, but in the long time, I found that it was not reliable to make friend by the Internet. On the one hand, people there are hiding their real information, you will never know what’s behind them. Second, it is hard to keep in touch, because we never meet face to face. So it is hard to have the real conversation. Making friends online is not the good way.
      Since I go to middle school, I don’t like to talk to parents, because when I tell them my idea, they will deny it and then ask me do as what they say. I am not the little girl anymore, I have the right to make my decision. My parents realize this, someday they walked to my room and talked to me. They apologized for treating me like the little kid, they liked to respect my decision and wanted to make friends with me. I was so happy, my parents indeed followed their words. I opened my heart and talked with them all the things. Talking to the friends is much easier than talking to the parents.
      I will become a high school student this September. I am a little bit nervous about it. I have to do well in the high school entrance exam to enter a good high school. I will go to a different school, make new friends. Most of all, I heard that there are much more courses in high school, I will be very busy in studying. I have been visiting a high school, there were many text books and papers on the desks in the class room. But I also saw the students in the high school were very active to join the extracurricular activities after school. They had football and basketball matches, singing conferences, painting and calligraphy exhibitions and so on. So I am looking forward to be a high school student.
      I used to like junk foods very much, but my mother doesn’t want me to eat them. Sometimes I would go to eat them secretly. I liked to eat the fries with ketchup most, I could eat a lot at one time. Once I went to KFC again, I ordered two large fries and a large iced coke. After finishing the meal, I felt ill in my stomach and throat. I was too afraid to tell my mother. In the evening I threw up and felt hot all over my body. My mother came to check me and found out I got a fever. She took me to the hospital immediately. Since then, I never touch the junk food again. The junk food is bad for health, we shouldn’t eat it.