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      When a lion was asleep, a little mouse began running up and down beside him. This soon wakened the lion. He was very angry, and caught the mouse in his paws.
      “Forgive me, please.” cried the little mouse. “I may be able to help you someday.” The lion was tickled at these words.
      He thought, “How could this little mouse help me?” However he lifted up his paws and let him go.
      A few days later, the lion was caught in a trap.
      The hunters wanted to take him alive to the king, so they tied him to a tree, and went away to look for a wagon.
      Just then the little mouse passed by, and saw the sad lion.
      He went up to him, and soon gnawed away the ropes. “Was I not right?” asked the little mouse.
      這時,老鼠路過這里,看到了掃興中的獅子。他走從前,很快啃斷了繩索,說:“我雖小,可是我也能幫上你的忙?!?br /> 英文哲理寓意: 有些友人興許平時看似微不足道,但卻有可能在咱們身處困境的時候供應巨大的幫助。
      1. A Little Mouse and a Big Lion live in the forest. Little Mouse is afraid of Big Lion. He always stays away from Big Lion. One day, Little Mouse has big trouble. When he is walking in the grass, Big Lion catches him。
      2. “Let me go!” begs Mouse. “Someday I will help you!”
      3. “You help me?” says Lion. “Ha, ha, ha!” But Lion opens his paw. He sets Mouse free。
      4. Many days pass. One day, Big Lion has big, big trouble. He is caught in a big net. He cannot move. Roar!
      5. Mouse sits up. He hears that roar and runs to help。
      6. “Help me!” begs Lion。
      7. Mouse starts to chew. He cuts off the ropes with his teeth and sets Lion free! Little Mouse saves Big Lion!
      8. Lion does not laugh at Mouse now. Because he knows — even the littlest Mouse can help the biggest Lion。
      The Lion and the Mouse 獅子與老鼠
      Lion: What a peaceful afternoon! I am very sleepy. Uh…(yawns) I will take a nap now.
      Mr. Lion falls asleep. Three little mice play near Mr. Lion.
      Mickey: Come on, let’s play!
      Minnie: Okay. What game shall we play?
      Jerry: How about hide-and-seek?
      Mickey: Great idea!
      Mickey: But who will be “IT”?
      Jerry: Let’s do Rock, Paper, Scissors.
      Mickey: Fine.
      Mickey: Rock, Paper, Scissors.
      Minnie: Rock, Paper, Scissors.
      Jerry: Ah ha!
      Mickey, you are “IT”!
      Mickey: Okay. I will count to ten. You two hide.
      Minnie: Don’t count too fast.
      Jerry: Let’s hide!
      Minnie and Jerry look around for a good place to hide. Minnie hides under a leaf, but Jerry can’t find a good place. He looks and looks.
      Jerry: I can’t find a good place.
      Mickey: …eight, nine, ten. Come out, come out! Wherever you are! Ah ha! I found you, Minnie.
      Come out!
      Jerry: Oh, no! I better hide right now. Hey, this looks like a good place. It’s really soft.
      Jerry climbs up and hides. But he doesn’t know that he is on top of Mr. Lion’s head.
      Mickey: Where are you, Jerry?
      Minnie: Come out! We can’t find you!
      Jerry: Ha, ha, ha! Here I am!
      Jerry shouts and wakes Mr. Lion.
      Lion: (roaring) Grrr… Who is this? Who woke me up?
      Mickey: A LION!!!
      Minnie: Jerry, run!!!
      Jerry: A Lion?
      Jerry looks down and Mr. Lion looks up. Their eyes meet.
      Jerry: Oops!
      Jerry tries to run away, but Mr. Lion stops him.
      Lion: Stop there! Who are you?
      Jerry: I am just a little mouse.
      Lion: YOU woke me up?
      Jerry: It wasn’t on purpose. I was just playing. I didn’t know.
      Lion: I am very angry. I am going to eat you!
      Jerry: I am very sorry, Mr. Lion. Please, forgive me.
      Lion: I don’t care. I am still angry. You woke me. So I will eat you.
      Jerry: Please, wait! Please, don’t eat me!
      Lion: Why not? I am hungry.
      Jerry: Because I am very small. And I taste terrible. Please, let me go. Just this once.
      Lion: Perhaps you are right. You are very small.
      Jerry: Yes, yes. Let me go and someday I will help you.
      Lion: Ha, ha! That is so funny. How can a little mouse help me? I am the king of the forest.
      Jerry: I am small. But I am also very smart. I will help you someday. I promise.
      Lion: Okay, okay. Just this once. You can go. But don’t wake me up again. Then I will really eat you.
      Jerry: Thank you so much, Mr. Lion. You are so kind. I won’t forget your kindness.
      Lion: Just leave e alone now. I’m going back to sleep. Uh…
      Mr. Lion lets Jerry go and falls back to sleep. A few days later, Jerry is playing with his friends in the forest again. He hears Mr. Lion crying far away.
      Lion: (crying)Grrr…
      Jerry: Hey, Mickey.
      Did you hear something?
      Mickey: No. I didn’t hear anything.
      Jerry: How about you, Minnie?
      Minnie: I don’t know.
      Lion: (crying)Grrr…
      Jerry: I think it’s Mr. Lion. I think he is hurt. I must help him.
      Jerry looks around the forest for Mr. Lion, but he can’t find him.
      Jerry: Where are you, Mr. Lion? Cry out louder!
      Lion: Help! Anyone help!
      Jerry: There you are! I found you. But why are you in a net?
      Lion: A hunter caught me. He will be back soon. Call a big animal. Quickly!
      Jerry: Don’t worry. I will help you.
      Lion: How can you? You are so small.
      Jerry: I will chew up the rope. Just wait.
      Lion: Hurry, before the hunter comes back.
      Jerry keeps chewing the rope.
      Lion: Little mouse, your teeth must hurt.
      Jerry: It’s okay. I want to help you. There, the rope is cut.
      Mr. Lion gets out of the net.
      Lion: Thank you, little mouse. Thank you for your help.
      Jerry: That’s okay. I said I would help you someday.
      Lion: You were right. You may be small, but you are also very smart.
      Do not judge someone by their size. And, kindness is never wasted.