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      One day, a little horse was asked to mill flour by his mother ,He carried the two bags of wheat and left home. He was walking happily.When he came to a river,the mill was on the other side of the river and there was no bridges over the water. Now, what would the little horse do. Looking at the flowing water, he got confused. Then he saw an old cow eating grass on the bank, . So he asked him : “ Uncle cow, is the water deep ? And can I walk across it ? ” “ Not at all ! ” the cow said. “It’s just as high as my lower legs, you can go across it. It’s safe. ” Then the little horse was ready to go across the water. Just then, a squirrel in the tree shouted to him : “Little horse, don’t go in the water. It’s too deep. You’ll get drawned, and one of my friends got drawned in it a few days ago. ” So the little horse drew back his legs quickly, he had to go back to ask his mother what to do. When his mother heard his story, she laughed and said to him : “ My child, it’s not enough if you only listen to the others. you must try it by yourself, then you’ll find the truth. ”
      The little horse came back to the river again. When he put his legs in the water again, the squirrel cried out again : “ Little horse, it’s dangerous, you can’t do that ! ” “Let me have a try.” The horse said. And with those words he walked carefully across the river. The water was neither that shallow as the cow had told him nor that deep as the squirrel had described. It was just OK for him.
      有一天,一匹小馬的媽媽讓他去磨房磨面,他背著兩袋子麥子離開了家,他很快樂的走著。當他來到了一條河,磨房在河對面,可河上沒有橋?,F在小馬該怎么辦呢?看著滾滾的河水,他困惑了,然后他看見一頭老牛在河岸邊吃草,于是他問道:“牛叔,水深嗎?我能過河嗎?”牛叔答道:“一點也不深,你可以過河,水只到到我的小腿肚,很安全?!庇谑切●R就準備過河了,就在那時,樹上的小松鼠對小馬大喊道:“小馬,不要過河,水太深了,你會被淹死的,我的一個朋友前些天才被溺水了?!庇谑切●R馬上把腿收回來,他必須得回家問問媽媽該怎么辦?當他媽媽聽到這件事后,笑著對小馬說:“我的孩子,如果只聽別的那是不夠的,你得自己親自去嘗試,找到真相?!?br /> 于是小馬又來到河邊,當他再次把腿放進水里時,松鼠又大叫起來了:“小馬,很危險,你不能那么做?!毙●R說:“讓我試試?!边呎f著,小馬便小心翼翼的過了河,水既不如牛叔說的一樣淺,也不像松鼠說的那樣深,對他來說剛剛好。