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      A : Excuse me . Can you tell me where South Street is , please?
      B : Take the second turn on the left and then ask again .
      A : Is it far?
      B : No , it’s only about five minutes’ walk .
      A : Excuse me , Sir . Could you tell me how to get to the Empire State Building ?
      B : Yes . You must be a stranger . Where do you come from ?I can’t recognize Your accent .
      A : I’m from Sydney , Australia . This is my first visit to the States and I want to see as many sights as I can .
      B : Well , turn to the right at the traffic lights .
      A : Many thanks .
      B : Not at all .
      A : Will it take me long to get there ?
      B : No, it’s not far at all . In fact I’m going in the same direction . Come and I’ll show you the way when we get to the crossroads .
      A : That’s very kind of you .
      B : Not at all .
      A : Excuse me . Could you tell me how to get to the Science Museum?
      B : Let me see …Go down two blocks , and turn left . Then go down that street , cross the bridge . It’s on the left .
      A : OK! So …I go down two blocks , turn left , cross the bridge , and then take the first left.
      B : Have you got the whole direction?
      A : Yes , thank you very much .