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      A brave pig 一只勇敢的豬
      I lived in DC when I was young, and dad used to take us on weekend trips south into the Carolina, so that we could see what “real life” was like. He’d just drive along the road for a while, and then pull over at some farm and start talking to the people there.
      Dad was chatting up a farmer’s wife once,when I discovered this pig…
      It was a nice pig. But it only had three legs. The right back leg was wooden! Well, I was as curious as could be, so I asked the farmer:”Excuse me, sir. Why does your pig have a wooden leg?”
      “Well, boy. That is a courageous pig. The wife and me were asleep in the house one night, when that pig came running in and woke us up. The whole place was ablaze. We just got out alive.”
      “And the pig got its leg burned up in the fire?”
      “Nope. Pig got out just fine. Matter of fact, he even went back in and saved the kids.”
      “Then why does the pig have a wooden leg?”
      “I told you, boy. That is a BRAVE pig! A heroic pig! That pig saved our lives!”
      “Yes, sir. But why does he have a wooden leg!”
      “Boy, a pig like that, you don’t eat all in one sitting!”
      “是這樣的,孩子。這是一只勇敢的豬。有天晚上,我和妻子正在房里睡覺時,這只豬跑進來叫醒了我們,我們才知道房子著火了。我們立刻跑了出去,才保住了性命?!?br /> “這只豬的腿是在那場火災中燒壞的嗎?”
      “不是的,它完好無損地跑了出去。實際上,它甚至還跑了回去,把我們的孩子也救了出來?!?br /> “那為何這只豬會有一只木頭腿呢?”
      Naive reasoning 天真的推理
      A man was telling a story to his son, a four-year-old boy. The boy noticed a lock of gray hair on his father’s head and asked: “Why are some of your gray, papa?”
      “Papa will get a gray hair every time his little boy is naughty,” said his father, thinking to take the advantage of this opportunity to give him a moral lesson.
      The boy thought for a moment, and then naively said: “Oh, I see why my grandpapa has a lot of gray hair on his head. I think he must have had very naughty boys.”
      他的父親想趁機給他上一堂教育課,就回答說:“爸爸的小男孩每頑皮一次,爸爸頭上就會長出一根白頭發?!?br /> 小男孩沉思了一下,就天真地說:“哦,我知道爺爺為什么有那么多白頭發了。我想他的兒子們一定也非常頑皮?!?br /> 超級爆笑英語笑話篇3
      Don’t bother me 別煩我
      One day a kind man met a panicky little boy in his neighbor-hood when he was going home from his office.
      He noticed that the boy seemed to have fought with other boys. He kindly said: “Why do you have a black eye, little man? I am sorry to see that?”
      Unexpectedly the boy replied angrily: “Don’t bother me. You go home to feel sorry for your own little boy-he has got two!”
      不料這個小男孩竟然氣沖沖地回答說:“別煩我。你回家去為你自己的小男孩難過吧。他有兩個黑眼眶?!?br /> 看了“超級爆笑英語笑話”的人還看了: