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      1、It’s you that led me out of the loneliness when i was lost in my mind.
      曾經迷惘的心中,是你牽引 走出寂寞。
      2、Love is a carefully designed lie.
      3、Go back to the past, can return.
      4、Do you have a map? Because I just keep losing in your eyes.
      5、I can meet a person in a minute, like a person in an hour and love a person in a day, but it will take me a whole life to forget you.
      遇上一個人要一分鐘的時間,喜歡一個人只需一小時的時間,愛上一個人要一天的時間,可要 忘記你卻要用上一生的時間。
      6、Love is a fabric that nature wove and fantasy embroidered.
      7、every day i miss you. it is a hard time for me to miss you but it is even harder not to do so. in such a contrary mood, i miss you deeply!
      8、If at the outset I brave, ending is different.
      9、A person live in love, why reduced.
      10、He has made his weapons his gods. When his weapons win he is defeated himself.
      11、I didn’t miss only t ube would I want to TianYa want to cape.
      12、I don’t know whether i really love you, but i know i cannot lose you. if the earth is going to be destroyed i want to tell you that you are the only one i want to see.
      不知道 是否真的愛,但是 知道 不能沒有你,如果地球將要毀滅,那么 要告訴你“你是 唯一想見的人”。
      13、Her wishful face haunts my dreams like the rain at night.
      14、I believe in the fairy story u wrote for me, and myself becomes the faint flower in the story.
      15、God finds himself by creating.
      16、i will make you happy when you are depressed. i will make you delighted when you are in great sorrow!
      在你抑郁的時候, 就是你的開心果。在你憂傷的時候, 愿作你的忘憂樹!
      17、If you leave me, please don’t comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain.
      18、In love’s bumpy road, we’d better not say love.
      19、A heart that loves is always young.
      20、I miss you when i am depressed, just as i miss the sunlight in winter; i miss you when i feel happy, just as i miss the shade in the hot sun.
      在憂愁時想你,就像在冬天想太陽; 在快樂時想你,就像在驕陽下想樹陰。
      Friendship 友誼篇
      1. Some friends come and go like a season. Others are arranged in our lives for good reason.(Sharita Gadison)一些朋友隨季節離去,而另外一些則伴我們度過美好的季節.
      2.A true friend is someone you can disagree with and still remain friends.
      For if not, they weren’t true friends in the first place.(Sandy Ratliff)真朋友是可以與你有不同見解的,如果不是,首先就不是真朋友.
      3.True friendship is felt, not said.(Mariecris Madayag)朋友是說不出的感覺.
      4.Friends are like stars,you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.(Hulali Luta)朋友是感覺不到的存在.
      5.Memories last forever, never do they die. Friends stay together, never say goodbye.(Melina Campos)記憶永不死,朋友永不說再見.
      Culture 文化篇
      6.A great poem is a fountain forever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight.(P. B. Shelley , British poet )偉大的詩篇即是永遠噴出智慧和歡欣之水的噴泉.(英國詩人 雪萊. P.B)
      7.Art is a lie that tells the truth .( Picasso , Spanish painter )美術是揭示真理的謊言.
      (西班牙畫家 畢加索)
      8.Humor has been well defined as thinking in fun while feeling in earnest.
      (Mark Twain , American novelist )幽默被人正確地解釋為”以誠摯表達感受,寓深思于嬉笑”.(美國小說家 馬克·吐溫)
      9.The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation; the two keep in their downward tendency.( Johan Wolfgang von Goethe , German poet)文學的衰落表明一個民族的衰落.這兩者走下坡路的時間是齊頭并進的.(德國詩人 歌德.J.W.)
      10.When one loves one’s art no service seems too hard .(O. Henry, American novelist)一旦熱愛藝術,什么奉獻也不難. (美國小說家 歐·亨利)
      Health 健康篇
      11.light heart lives long.( William Shakespeare , British dramatist)豁達者長壽(英國劇作家莎士比亞. W.)
      12.Early to bed and early to rise , makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise.(Benjamin Franklin , American president )早睡早起會使人健康、富有和聰明. (美國總統 富蘭克林.B.)
      13.The first wealth is health .( Ralph Waldo Emerson , American thinker)健康是人生第一財富. (美國思想家愛默生.R.W.)
      Education 教育篇
      14.And gladly would learn , and gladly teach .( Chaucer , British
      poet)勤于學習的人才能樂意施教.(英國詩人, 喬叟)
      15.Better be unborn than untaught , for ignorance is the root of misfortune.(Plato , Ancient Greek philosopher)與其不受教育,不如不生,因為無知是不幸的根源.(古希臘哲學家柏拉圖)
      1.As far as …is concerned 就……而言
      2.It goes without saying that… 不言而喻,…
      3.It can be said with certainty that… 可以肯定地說……
      4.As the proverb says, 正如諺語所說的,
      5.It has to be noticed that… 它必須注意到,…
      6.It’s generally recognized that… 它普遍認為…
      7.It’s likely that … 這可能是因為…
      8.It’s hardly that… 這是很難的……
      9.It’s hardly too much to say that… 它幾乎沒有太多的說…
      10.What calls for special attention is that…需要特別注意的是
      11.There’s no denying the fact that…毫無疑問,無可否認
      12.Nothing is more important than the fact that… 沒有什么比這更重要的是…
      13.what’s far more important is that… 更重要的是…
      1.A case in point is … 一個典型的例子是…
      2.As is often the case…由于通常情況下…
      3.As stated in the previous paragraph 如前段所述
      4.But the problem is not so simple. Therefore 然而問題并非如此簡單,所以……
      5.But it’s a pity that… 但遺憾的是…
      6.For all that…對于這一切…… In spite of the fact that…盡管事實……
      7.Further, we hold opinion that… 此外,我們堅持認為,…
      8.However , the difficulty lies in…然而,困難在于…
      9.Similarly, we should pay attention to… 同樣,我們要注意…
      11.In view of the present station.鑒于目前形勢
      12.As has been mentioned above…正如上面所提到的…
      13.In this respect, we may as well (say) 從這個角度上我們可以說
      14.However, we have to look at the other side of the coin, that is… 然而我們還得看到事物的另一方面,即 …
      1.I will conclude by saying… 最后我要說…
      2.Therefore, we have the reason to believe that…因此,我們有理由相信…
      3.All things considered,總而言之 It may be safely said that…它可以有把握地說……
      4.Therefore, in my opinion, it’s more advisable…因此,在我看來,更可取的是…
      5.From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that….通過以上討論,我們可以得出結論…
      6.The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that….通過數據我們得到的結論是,….
      7.It can be concluded from the discussion that…從中我們可以得出這樣的結論
      8.From my point of view, it would be better if…在我看來……也許更好