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      Lori: When I was over in the States recently, I was reading one of my mom’s magazines. And in that magazine I read about a new hamburger.
      Michael: OK.
      Lori: That…it really takes the cake, this new hamburger. You know, we’ve talked about junk food before, but this is amazing. It’s a big beef burger, and they put sharp cheddar cheese and two slices of bacon…
      Michael: What… Can I just stop you there? What is sharp cheddar cheese?
      Lori: Sharp cheddar cheese? A sharp cheese is a cheese that has a strong flavor.
      Michael: Ooh, OK.
      Lori: So cheese can be mild or sharp.
      Michael: Right.
      Lori: You’d think that the opposite would be “dull,” but you don’t talk about a dull cheese.
      Michael: Or “blunt” cheese.
      Lori: Yeah, a blunt cheese, right, exactly. Exactly. So sharp cheddar cheese. But anyway, back to the burger, it’s got…yeah, a big beef patty, sharp cheddar cheeseand two slices of bacon. And now here is the key.
      Michael: Mmm, the bacon sounds good.
      Lori: Yeah, but the key ingredient…the bun is actuall ya KrispyKreme glazed donut.
      Michael: Uh huh.
      Lori: Can you believe that? And it’s actually a baseball team, I think, the Gateway Grizzlies, it’s what they’re calling “Baseball’s Best Burger,” and they’re serving it at their baseball games.
      Michael: Baseball’s weirdest burger, maybe!
      Lori: Baseball’s most artery-clogging burger.
      Michael: So you said that it was, the burger bun is a donut,
      Lori: Mmm hmm. A donut, yes.
      Michael: Is that, um, I mean, donuts are sweet though, aren’t they?
      Lori: Yeah, it’s a glazed donut so it would be sweet. And apparently they cut it in halfand toast it and use that as the bun on this burger.
      Michael: That sounds horrendous.
      Lori: It..I couldn’t…I thought it was a joke when I first read about it. I thought it must be ajoke but apparently it’s true.
      Michael: It really makes me wonder, you know, they have this, um this kind of, stereotype ofAmerican people being fat.
      Lori: Right.
      Michael: And I guess if, you know, they’re eatingthings like that whilst sitting down at thebaseball game.
      Lori: Yeah, sitting down watching other people dosports.
      Michael: Exactly…that’s what I’m thinking, yeah!
      Lori: Right. I just wonder, how would someone evencome up with that, the idea of using adonut as a hamburger bun.
      Michael: Well, there is something that you can, Imean, being an American you can tell meif this is true or not, I remember hearing about sandwiches that Americans like,and it’s peanut butter and jelly.
      Lori: Well, that’s, yeah, that’s a classic kid’s sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly or evenpeanut butter and honey, you can have…
      Michael: Well, what you call jelly, isn’t that what we [British English speakers] would calljam?
      Lori: Yeah, jam.
      Michael: So peanut butter and jam. So it’s the savory peanut butter, salty, peanutty tastingbutter and something like sweet strawberry jam.
      Lori: Yeah, but I guess it’s kind of like putting pineapple on your pizza. You know, somepeople think that’s just an aberration. But there’s something about the sweet, tartpineapple combined with the salty, savory ingredients of a pizza that is actually…Ilike it.
      Michael: Well, I guess it’s like having gammon and pineapple, you know, the thick cut ofham which is also salty.
      Lori: Yeah, or pork chops and applesauce.
      Michael: Ah, right. OK.
      Michael: I’m thinking, if you can combine something like peanut butter and jam, thencombining a hamburger with a donut doesn’t seem so strange.
      Lori: I’m sorry! I know what you’re trying to say, but just, even hearing you say that, justsounds so funny, “combining a hamburger with a donut.”Michael: Well, yeah, it’s pretty loony.
      Lori: Yeah, loony. I couldn’t believe that when I read that story in my mom’s magazine.
      But I went on the Internet and had a look, and there were people saying that itsounds disgusting and looks disgusting, but actually they were quite tasty, so whatdo I know?
      Michael: I can’t even begin to imagine what it would taste like. You know, I have no frame ofreference. My taste buds cannot picture it, you know, I have an image of a donut in my head and an image of a nice juicy hamburger with a couple strips of bacon on.
      And forget the cheese because I hate cheese as you know, but the hamburgerwith bacon, that’s something that…in fact we should cut this podcast short rightnow because I want to go to the store and get some bacon and some bacon andsome hamburger because I’m getting hungry now.
      Lori: Sounds like a plan, but let’s ix-nay on the donuts.
      Michael: Right, yeah, Hold the donuts!
      (以下p代表peter.l代表liu hong)
      p: wow, what a big meal! mmm. smells so good.
      l:so help yourself!
      p: what should i start with?
      l: perhaps the spicy sliced beef.
      p: oh,it is spicy. my mouth is burning.it must be sichuan cuisine.
      l: yes. the sichuan cuisine is known for its spicy food. take something light. try the boiled mutton and carrot.
      p: yummy. yummy.i have no idea you’re such a good cook.
      l: it’s nice of you to say so. do you like sweet dish? try these sweet an sour ribs.
      p: wonderful! i like it.
      l: it is shanghai cuisine. a lot of sugar is used in shanghai food.
      p: the food is out of this world!
      l: so finish up your plate.
      p: it is a super evening. thank you for having me over. i really expect the next time.
      Todd: So Marion, now you lived in Italy.
      Marion: Mm, that’s right.
      Todd: And when people think of Italy, they think of food. (Yes) Yeah, and can you talk about the food in Italy?
      Marion: Sure, I’d love to. I love Italian food.
      Todd: I know, it’s so good.
      Marion: Yeah, well, I suppose everybody thinks immediately of pasta and pizza, right?
      Todd: Right, right, right, right.
      Marion: They’re the most, the two most common types of Italian food and they are really good, I mean, there’s just no comparison I think to the pasta and the pizza that we get in other countries, also the ice cream actually in Italy is just different from any other country in the world I think. They really, they really have the number one on those three items I think. Butapart from that, I mean there’s a whole world of Italian food and it’s all really, really good. I mean, the first time I lived in Italy I lived in Genoa, so that was by the sea. Obviously there is a lot of seafood involved in the cooking. Um, fish stews and that kind of thing and they were really, really good, also that region around Geneoa is where pesto originated, so you know the basil sauce (oh, yeah) Yeah, that from Ligiuriea, which is the area around Geneoa, so while I lived in Geneoa, I think I must have had some form of a pesto dish, at least once a week, but I loved it. It’s one of my favorite tastes, actually, pesto.
      Todd: Yeah, pesto’s great.
      Marion: Yeah, yeah, you can add it to anything and it tastes great. I put it on my sandwiches sometimes.
      Todd: Really.
      Marion: Yeah. Yeah, so Italian food, it’s quite difficult to talk about Italian food really because in Italy there are so many different regions, so all over the country each region has it’s own special dish, or special dishes, so the food can really vary from the North to the South, in the north for example, in some areas you can find food that’s more like german food or in the south it’s more mediteraran like greek food for example. It tends that direction.