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      living in a city has both advantages and disadvantages. it is often easier to find work. there are always many choices of public transport. besides, there are a lot of interesting things to do and places to see. you can eat in good restaurants, visit museums, go to cinemas and go to parks whenever you want to relax. however, living in a city is often very expensive.  you must find a well-paid job, otherwise, you will not be able to afford the things you will do. what’s more, the city is always crowded, noisy and dirty. it is very difficult to find a good place where people can enjoy peace and fresh air as in the countryside.生活在城市里既有優點也有缺點,優點是它通常更容易找到工作,有很多交通方式進行選擇。此外,還有可以看到很多有趣的事物,還有你可以在好的餐館吃飯,去參觀博物館,去電影院看電影,當你想放松時可以去公園。然而,生活在一個城市里花費是非常昂貴的。你必須找到一個高薪的工作,否則,你將無法負擔你的花銷。更重要的是,這個城市很擁擠,嘈雜和骯臟。這是很難找到一個好地方,人們可以享受和平和鄉間的新鮮空氣。
      Today is mother’s birthday, but I didn’t know what to by for her.A watch was a good present, but it was too expensive for me to buy.Flowers were not so expensive, but they would die soon.A birthday cake was too sweet and mother didn’t like it. 今天是媽媽的生日,可是我還不知道給她買些什么。手表是挺好的禮物,可是太貴了,我買不起?;ǖ故遣毁F,可是很快就枯萎了。生日蛋糕太甜,媽媽不喜歡吃。 Then father thought a good idea.He said, “Why don’t we make a wonderful dinner for her?That will show our love for her!” Oh, that was good.Love is the most expensive present in the world. 后來爸爸相處個好主意。他說,“為什么我們不做一頓美味的晚餐呢!那會顯示出我們對她的愛!”啊,太好了。愛是世界上最昂貴的禮物。 I will never forget the smile on mother’s face when we were having supper together. 我將永遠忘不了我們共聚晚餐時媽媽臉上的笑容。
      Water is very important to us. If you don’t have water for three days, you will die. We can use water for flowers, swimming, washing and many different things. We use it to cook, make electricity, and put out fires and so on. We use millions of liters of water every day.Do you know how does the water come to your home? It travels through water pipes. Some are long and wide but some are short and narrow. Then the water travels through the water pipes to the reservoirs. Then it travels through the water pipes to the river and to the special factories that purify the water. When the water is purified, we can drink it. Please don’t leave garbage in the water on which we line, and keep the water clean.水對我們很重要。如果沒有水,不出三天,你就會死的。我們可以用水游泳,洗滌和做許多不同的事情。我們用它做飯,發電,和撲滅火災等。我們每天使用數百萬公升的水。你知道水是如何來到您的家嗎?它穿越水管。有些是長而寬的,但有些是短而細的。然后通過水管到達水庫。然后通過河流和專門用來凈化水的工廠。當水凈化后,我們可以喝它了。請不要丟垃圾到水中,因為水是我們的生命線,我們要保持水的清潔。