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      It never be explained why so many students on campus cheat in their examinationsnowadays, regardless of the danger that teachers find their secret, as it did in the case ofthe boy student in the cartoon/photo above。 What is conveyed in the drawing is most thought-provoking and should arouse our social concern。
      The implied meaning of the picture is worth discussing。 Firstly, the youngs alwaysbee quite illogical when they try to descide what can be done and what can not be done。
      In the light of this statement, some students are often willing to sacrifice theircredibility for the privillage of getting more points and being regarded as outstandingstudents。 Furthermore, some one is afired that he can’t pass the final exams leading to hisdegree, in the fruit of being absorbed into puter games or disappointment in love。
      Consequently, only by cheating can they graduate and get the degree on time。 Although manyreasons share the problem of this drawing, one of them can be singled out for recognition:the conditions of our sociaty。 Such is human nature, that we can’t avoid being influenced byenvironment。 In short, the root of cheating in examinations and credibilililess on campus isbinition of many factors。
      There is no blinding at the fact that, in dealing with a challenge on such scale, somestrong, effective and necessary counter-measures should be put on our agenda。 To the beginwith, a widespread education campaign should be launched to make students realize theimportance of credibility。 What’s more, the government departments at different levels andrelated orgnizations should make joint efforts and coordination of programs to creat a morecredit environment for us。 Only by this package deal, can build up a harmonious and healthysociaty.
      It is true that most of us value honesty highly。 However, nowadays we often confront confidence crisis such as cheating, overcharging, fake modities and so on。 I think that we should be honest because being honest is not only beneficial to ourselves but also to others and the whole society。 The reasons can be listed as follows。Firstly, only honest people can be truly respected by the others and can make more friends over a long period of time。
      Secondly, honesty, which is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, can make our life easier and more harmonious。 Thirdly, honesty can make our society more stable。 A case in point is that Singapore, a society featuring trustworthiness and integrity, has a paratively low criminal rate。
      Responsbility can be understood in many ways。 for the parents , they have had the responsibility for caring for and fostering their children since the birth of their baby。for teachers,both in kindergartens and colleges,they also should be responsible for the study and life of their students,that is to say,teahers are the second parents of children somewhile。
      for us,as a friend of others,it is our responsibility to help our friends when they are in trouble or faced with difficulties。 each one has the different responsibily based on their roles but we must take it for granted that we are responsible for the society.
      The Importance of Being Honest
      In the busy city of New York, such an astonishing thing that ever happened.
      On a Friday night, a poor young artist stood at the gate of the subway station, playing hisviolin. Though the music was great, people were quickly going home for the weekend. In thiscase, many of them slowed down their paces and put some money into the hat of the youngman.
      The next day, the young artist came to the gate of the subway station, and put his hat onthe ground gracefully. Different than the day before, he took out a large piece of paper and laidit on the ground and put some stones on it. Then he adjusted the violin and began playing. Itseemed more pleasant to listen to.
      Before long, the young violinist was surrounded with people, who were all attracted by thewords on that paper. It said, “Last night, a gentleman named George Sang put an importantthing into my hat by mistaken. Please come to claim it soon.”
      Seeing this, it caused a great excitement and people wondered what it could be. After abouthalf an hour, a middle-aged man ran there in a hurry and rushed through the crowd to theviolinist and grabbed his shoulders and said, “Yes, it’s you. You did come here. I knew thatyou’re an honest man and would certainly come here.”
      The young violinist asked calmly, “Are you Mr. George Sang?”
      The man nodded. The violinist asked, “Did you lose something?”
      不久,年輕的小提琴手周圍站滿了人,人們都被鋪在地上的那張大紙上的字吸引了,有的人還踮起腳尖看。上面寫著:“昨天傍晚,有一位叫喬治?桑的先生錯將一份很重要的東西放在我的禮帽里,請您速來認領?!?br /> 見此情景,人群之間引起一陣騷動,都想知道這是一份什么樣的東西。過了半小時左右,一位中年男人急急忙忙跑過來,撥開人群就沖到小提琴手面前,抓住他的肩膀語無倫次的說:“啊!是您呀,您真的來了,我就知道您是個誠實的人,您一定會來的?!?br /> 年輕的小提琴手冷靜地問:“您是喬治?桑先生嗎?”
      “Lottery. It’s lottery,” said the man.
      The violinist took out a lottery ticket on which George Sang’s name was seen. “Is it?” heasked.
      George nodded promptly and seized the lottery ticket and kissed it, then he danced withthe violinist.
      The story turned out to be this: George Sang is an office clerk. He bought a lottery ticketissued by a bank a few days ago. The awards opened yesterday and he won a prize of$500,000. So he felt very happy after work and felt the music was so wonderful, that he tookout 50 dollars and put in the hat. However the lottery ticket was also thrown in. The violinistwas a student at an Arts College and had planned to attend advanced studies in Vienna. Hehad booked the ticket and would fly that morning. However when he was cleaning up he foundthe lottery ticket. Thinking that the owner would return to look for it, he cancelled the flightand came back to where he was given the lottery ticket.
      Later someone asked the violinist: “At that time you were in needed to pay the tuition feeand you had to play the violin in the subway station every day to make the money. Then whydidn’t you take the lottery ticket for yourself?”
      The violinist said, “Although I don’t have much money, I live happily; but if I lose honesty Iwon’t be happy forever.”
      Through our lives, we can gain a lot and lose so much. But being honest should always bewith us. If we bear ourselves in a deceptive and dishonest way, we may succeed temporarily.However, from the long-term view, we will be a loser. Such kind of people are just like the wateron the mountain. It stands high above the masses at the beginning, but gradually it comesdown inch by inch and loses the chance of going up.
      小提琴手說:“雖然我沒錢,但我活得很快樂;假如我沒了誠信,我一天也不會快樂?!?br /> 在人的一生中,我們會得到許多,也會失去許多,但守信用卻應是始終陪伴我們的。如果以虛偽、不誠實的方式為人處世,也許能獲得暫時的“成功”,但從長遠看,他最終是個失敗者。這種人就像山上的水,剛開始的時候,是高高在上,但逐漸逐漸地它就越來越下降,再沒有一個上升的機會。