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      One day, a little monkey is playing by the well.
      He looks in the well and shouts: “Oh! My god! The moon has fallen into the well!”
      An older monkeys runs over, takes a look, and says, “Goodness me! The moon is really in the water!”
      A group of monkeys run over to the well. They look at the moon in the well and shout: “The moon did fall into the well! Come on! Let’get it out!”
      Then, the oldest monkey hangs on the tree up side down, with his feet on the branch. And he pulls the next monkey’s feet with his hands. All the other monkeys follow his suit, and they join each other one by one down to the moon in the well.
      Just before they reach the moon, the oldest monkey raises his head and happens to see the moon in the sky. He yells excitedly, “Don’t be so foolish! The moon is still in the sky!”
      There happened a controversy between an oak and a willow, upon the subject of strength, constancy, and patience, and which of the two should have the preference. The oak upbraided(責罵) the willow, that it was weak and wavering, and gave way to every blast. The willow made no other reply, than that the next tempest(暴風雨) should resolve that question.
      Some very little while after this dispute, it blew a violent storm. The willow plied, and gave way to the gust, and still recovered itself again, without receiving any damage, but the oak was stubborn, and chose rather to break than bend.
      Once upon a time two peasants attempted to pass each other, and their sledges becameentangled.
      One cried, “Give me room, I must get to town as quickly as possible.”
      The other said, “You give me room, I must get home as quickly as possible.”
      Thus for a long time they disputed.
      A third peasant saw it, and said, “If you are in such a hurry, then each of you give way a little.”
      其中一個喊道:“讓開點兒道,我必須盡快趕到城里?!?br /> 另外一個說:“你讓開點道, 我必須盡快趕到家里?!?br /> 他們就這樣長時間爭執不下。
      另有一個農夫見了說:“要是你們都這么著急的話,就各自退讓一點兒吧?!?br /> 看了“關于少兒英語故事”的人還看了: