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      My name is ***.I have a happy family.There are three people in my family.They are my father,my mother,and I.They love me,and I love them,too. I like having any food.My favourite food is potatoes.They are very delicious.I usually have it for my lunch. And Im a basketball player.I like basketball very much. I have a dog called ***.He only eats meat.I often play with it.And he always runs around me.We are 。
      I am a girl from ### jurnor high school. I am not very tall. I have long hair, big eyes. I like reading,music,sport. i am a very sunny and nice girl. There are three members in my family, my father, my mother and I.北京八人教育網My father is an engineer. He is very strict with my study, but he is a good father. He often plays tennis with me and helps me a lot in my study.www.eightedu.comMy mother is a teacher. She takes good care of my life. I have a happy family and I love my father and my mother very much.
      My name is TYW.I am a boy.I was born in nanjing.I was born in September 2000 .
      I have a happy family.l live in NanJing,too.Now l am in the XC Middle school.l like talking.So I can’t to talk all day. After class,l always play tennis with my good classmates.I am good at table tennis.So I often play it.But I never show off.
      I think that I am a good boy.
      My name is Li xiaoli.I am XX years old.I am studying in the second middle now.I live with my grand parents and my parents in the west of the city.They like me very much.I like sports,especially bike riding.So I ride bike to school everyday.Sometimes I ride bike with my friends to park and hills near my home,and then we play game and have picnic there.What a happy weekend.
      My name is … I was 1x years old.I am a senior high school student.I am good at surfing online.My hobby is widespread,such as reading,listening to music, playing basketball.I am young,bright,energetic with strong study-ambition.I have good presentation skills and positive active mind essential.My future is to be a teacher.I hope I can make more children acquire knowledge
      Good morning,I’m glad to be here with you.My name is xxx.Iam xx years old and come from xx Primary School. There are theer members in my family.My dad is a xxx,My mom is a xxx.Iam a happy girl/smart boy.I like piaying PC game.I think it’s very interesting.My favourite clss is xxx.Becuase Ican learn a lot.And English is very useful I hope I could speak English well.Thank you.