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      關于誠信的六年級英語故事:誠實勝于名譽Maintain your integrity
      A while back, there was a story about Reuben Gonzolas,
      Who was in the final match of his first professional racquetball toumament At match point in the fifth and final game, Gonzolas made a super “kill shot” into the front corner to win the tournament. The referee4 called it good, and one of the linemen confirmed the shot was a winner.
      But after a moment’s hesitation, xiaogushi8.com Gonzolas turned and declared that his shot had skipped into the wall, hitting the floor first. As a result, the serve went to his opponent, who went on to win the match.
      Reuben Gonzolas walked off the court; everyone was stunned. The next issue of a leading racquetball magazine featured Gonzolas on its cover. The lead editorial searched and questioned for an explanation for the first ever occurrence on the professional racquetball circuit. Who could ever imagine it in any sport or endeavor? Here was a player with everything officially in his favor, with victory in his grasp, who disqualifies10 himself at match point and loses.
      When asked why he did it, Gonzolas replied, “It was the only thing I could do to maintain my integrity.”
      當被問及這樣做的原因時,魯賓·岡薩雷斯回答道:“為了保持我的誠實,我只能這樣做?!?br /> 關于誠信的六年級英語故事:A Story about Honesty 一個誠實的故事
      On February twelfth, a Friday night in New York in winter, a poor handsome young man called Jay stood near the railway station, playing a small concert on his violin. The music was so excellentthat many people slowed down, sometimes gave a cheer or praise, and put some money into his hat.
      On Saturday, Jay came again. He took out a large piece of paper and laid it on the ground. Then he began playing with speed, lively and proud, in this public space. It seemed more pleasant to listen to, a perfect program of music. Before long, many people came, looking at the paper. Manypointed at it, wondering. It said, “Last night, a gentleman named George Sang put an important thing into my hat. Please come to claim it soon.” Jay knew the man was somewhere out there.
      Seeing this, people wondered what it could be. After about half an hour, a middle-aged manrushed through the many people to the young man and said, “I’m George. I knew you’d come here!”
      Then George explained the whole story. He bought a lottery ticket a few days ago. Yesterday he found that he won a prize of $500,000. He was very excited to be a winner. On his way home, he felt the music was so wonderful that he took out $100 and put it into the hat. However, the lottery ticket with his name on it was also mistakenly thrown in.
      Jay was a student at an arts school in Paris. He had booked a flight on an airplane that would leave from the airport that morning to go across the Atlantic. However, when he happened to find the ticket holder had won the lottery, he cancelled the flight and came back to the railway station. He knew to whom the ticket belonged. George, the owner of the object said that Jay was his hero.
      Later, after hearing the tale, someone asked Jay, “What a huge discovery! Why didn’t you take the lottery ticket for yourself?” He said, “Although I don’t have much money, I live happily in general; but if I lose honesty, I won’t be happy forever. I cannot afford to do that.”
      后來,在聽了這個故事后,有人問杰:“這是一個多么大的發現啊,你怎么不自己拿了呢?”杰回答說:“雖然我沒什么錢,但我活得很快樂;假如我沒了誠信,我一天也不會快樂。這個代價我承受不起?!?br /> 關于誠信的六年級英語故事:華盛頓砍樹Washington Cut the Trees
      Washington was the first president of America. When he was a boy, he cut his father’s two cherry trees.
      His father returned and got very angry. He said to himself, “If I found out who cut my trees. I would give him a good beating.”
      他父親回來了,非常生氣。他暗自思量,“如果我查明誰砍了我的樹,我要狠狠揍他一頓?!?br /> The father looked everywhere. xiaogushi8.com When he asked his son, Washington began to cry.
      “I cut your trees!” Washington told the truth.
      The father carried his son and said, “My clever child, I would rather lose one hundred trees then you should tell a lie.”
      父親抱起他的兒子說:“我好聰明的孩子,我寧愿失去一百棵樹,也不愿聽你說謊?!?br /> 看了“關于誠信的六年級英語故事”的人還看了: