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      初中生必讀英文小短文:鄉居Life at a Country Parish
      We have the good fortune to live in an open parish, and may thank two or three strong farmers and the lord of the manor for preserving the delicious green areas which form, perhaps, the wonderful beauty of English scenery.
      The common that I am passing now is one of the loveliest of these favourite spots.
      It is a cozy little scene, as if it were retiring from the village and sunk amidst higher land. Hills would be almost too grand a word for it: duanwenw.com edged on one side by one lovely road, and intersected by another; surrounded by a beautiful confusion of meadows, cottages, farms and orchards; with a great pond in one corner, usually bright and clear, giving a delightful cheerfulness and daylight to the picture. The swallows haunt that pond; so do the children.
      There is a happy group round it now; I have seldom seen it without one. Children love water —clear, bright and sparkling water; it excites and feeds their curiosity; it is motion and life.
      初中生必讀英文小短文:實現目標Realize Your Goals
      My favourite quote is, “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true.”
      Every time I remember it, I feel excited. It means that anything that I imagine can happen. duanwenw.com Man on Wire is a film showing how true that quote is. It’s about a French man called Philippe Petit. Petit decided to walk on a tightrope1 from one of the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center to the other.
      What makes this really unbelievable is that when he decided to do this, the World Trade Center hadn’t actually been built. He read about the towers being built in a magazine.
      In the film, over the next six years, he teaches himself to walk on a rope. His plan to perform this tightrope walk is actually very dangerous. However, this story is the perfect example of how even “crazy” goals can be realized.
      People have many bright ideas. Although it won’t be possible to realize every idea, it is possible to implement the ones you feel extremely excited about.
      初中生必讀英文小短文:冬霧Winter Fog
      After two or three days of unseasonable and depressing warmth, with a lowering but not rainy sky.
      I woke this morning to find the land covered with mist. There was no daybreak, and, after a long time, a sad glimmer2 of light appeared at the window. I begin to see the thin shapes of trees. The rustle of drops dripping onto the garden soil tells me that it will rain. But for my fire, the flame sings and leaps, and its red beauty is reflected on the window glass. I cannot give my thoughts to reading. Better to devote myself to the old exercise of the pen.
      I think of fogs in London, fogs of yellow or of black, and I, like a sort of dyspeptic owl, in idleness. On such a day, I remember, I once found myself at an end in both coal and lamp oil. With no money to buy either, all I could do was go to bed, till the sky once more became visible, but the second day found the fog thick as ever.
      I rose in darkness; I stood by the window, and saw that the street was lit up as at night, lamps and shop fronts perfectly visible. The fog, in fact, had risen, but still hung above the house-tops, impermeable by any heavenly beam.