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      The Old,The Old Wine
      Once there lived a rich man who was justly proud of his cellar and the wine therein. And there was one jug of ancient vintage kept for some occasion known only to himself.
      The governor of the state visited him, and he bethought him and said, “That jug shall not be opened for a mere governor.”
      And a bishop of the diocese visited him, but he said to himself, “Nay, I will not open that jug. He would not know its value, nor would its aroma reach his nostrils.”
      The prince of the realm came and supped with him. But he thought, “It is too royal a wine for a mere princeling.”
      And even on the day when his own nephew was married, he said to himself, “No, not to these guests shall that jug be brought forth.”
      And the years passed by, and he died, an old man, and he was buried like unto every seed and acorn.
      And upon the day that he was buried the ancient jug was brought out together with other jugs of wine, and it was shared by the peasants of the neighbourhood. And none knew its great age.
      To them, all that is poured into a cup is only wine
      On a stormy day, the crab went strolling along the beach.
      He was surprised to see the lobster preparing to set sail in his boat. Lobster,” said the crab, “it is foolhardy to venture out on a day like this. ”
      它著到龍 蝦準備揚帆出海,很是吃驚。 “龍蝦,”螃蟹說,”在這樣的天氣里出海冒險,你真是太魯莽了!”
      Perhaps so, said the lobster, but I love a squall at sea! ” “I will come with you, ” said the crab.I will not let you face such danger alone. ”
      The lobster and the crab began their voyage. Soon they found themselves far from shore.
      Their boat was tossed and buffeted by the turbulent waters. “Crab! ” shouted the lobsterabove the roar of the wind.
      它們的小船被洶涌的海水顛簸著、擊打著。 “螃蟹!”龍蝦的喊聲壓過了呼嘯的狂風,”
      For me, the splashing of the salt spray is thrilling! The crashing of every wave takes my breathaway “Lobster, I think we are sinking” cried the crab. had to admit that the day had beenpleasantly out of the ordinary.
      對我來說,浪花的 飛濺使我興奮不已,每一個浪頭涌來都讓我驚心動魄?!?br /> “Yes, of course, we are sinking, ‘ said the lobster. “This old boat is full of holes. Have courage,my friend. Remember, we are both creatures of the sea.”
      “龍蝦,我覺得我們在下沉?!斌π反蠛暗?。 -是的,當然,我們在下沉。”龍蝦說,“這只舊船到處都是洞。
      The little boat capsized and sank. ” Horrors ! ” cried the crab. “Down we go!” shouted thelobster. The crab was shaken and upset.
      勇敢點兒,我的朋友。記住,咱們倆都是海里的動物?!?小船翻了,沉了下去。 “太可怕了!”螃蟹大叫。
      The lobster took him for a relaxing walk along the ocean floor. “How brave we are,” said thelobster “What a wonderful adventure we have had The crab began to feel somewhat better.
      “我們下去嘍!”龍蝦大喊著。 這樣東搖西擺,螃蟹很不舒服。龍蝦拉著它放松地在海底 走著。 _我們多勇敢啊,”龍蝦說,這次冒險太棒了!” 螃蟹覺得好些了。
      Although he uauslly enjoyed a quieter existence, he had to admit that the day had beenpleasantly out of the ordinary
      雖然它平時過著平靜的生活,但是它不得 不承認,這一天過得異乎尋常的愉快。
      A man bought a Donkey at the market one day and took him home on approval.
      Now the man owned several Donkeys already and he knew each one’s character very well.
      One of the Donkey was very strong and brave. Another was eager to please but quicklyexhausted.
      One Donkey was very lazy. He hated going to work in the morning and he did as little as hepossibly could all day long.
      When the other animals were being loaded up he always tried to be the last so that he wouldget the lightest load.
      The man led the new Donkey into the stable yard. For a moment he stood sniffing at his newcompanions. Then, without hesitation, he trotted up to the lazy Donkey and began feedingcomfortably at his side.
      Though it was late in the day, the man immediately led the new Donkey out of the yard, straightback to the market.
      “You cannot have given him a fair trial yet, “said the merchant. “It is only ten minutes sinceyou bought him.”
      “你不可能已經好好試過了,”賣驢的人說,“你買了它才十幾分鐘?!?br /> “I don’t need to try him any more,” replied the man. “I know just what he is like from the friendhe chose for himself.
      Take him away and give me my money back. I can do without Donkeys like him.”
      把它牽走,把錢還給我。我沒有這樣的驢也能過日子?!?br /> 看了“伊索寓言雙語英語小故事”的人還看了: