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      英語演講作文 怎樣面對困難


      Each person whether rich or poor has his own difficulties, because life is not always full of smiles and flowers. So it is very important to have a correct attitude to face up the difficulties. Different people have different views on it. Some people just want to evade and they haven’t tried their best, so they can’t achieve success in the end. But some people believe that “Failure is the mother of success”,they are confident and brave when they have difficulties. They choose to face up the difficulties with a smile and try their best to solve their problems. If they have troubles they’ll discuss with their friends or family members. The right way to face up difficulties is to be confident and brave , Confront difficulties with confident and you will find the difficulties are not so hard as you thought. Try to solve the difficulties with brave and work hard , the difficulties will disappear and you will achieve success finally.