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      Dear Sir,
      If an ability to learn fast and to work efficiently is important to you, then I may be the right one for the position you offered .Please consider my application for the position.
      I am supposed to graduate from Bussniess School of HuBei Uniersity of Tcchnology in international economy and trade in July 20XX. The three -year education endowed me with a general knowledge and good command of professional knowledge,as well as basic computer knowledge. I have passed all the courses and achieved excellent grade. Outside classroom, I was very active and took part in different extracurricular activities. I have been doing many part-time jobs such as sales and others that you can see in my resume. All these experiences contributed much to the development and promotion of my organization and communication ability.
      I am a woman who has a strong and creative mind, plus flexibility of cooperation, public relations skills and so on. I would bring a delighted new interest and enthusiasm, and that, of course, would mean more efficient and better work for you. Have you an opening for a young woman who believes that she has something to offer? www.gongzuojianli.com If you wish to see me, I will be very pleased to come in for an interview. I should esteem it a great favor if you could give me an opportunity to try to serve you in the position.
      Thank you for your consideration。
      Yours sincerely
      The leadership of the distinguished company:
      Hello! Thank you very much for taking the time in his busy schedule review my cover letter has given me the chance I wish, I wish to apply in accordance with international economic and trade administered by the type of professional or related work, I am confident of my ability to comply with the requirements of your organization.
      In college, I always positive, and exert ourselves, in every respect, progress has been made in the development, improve the overall quality of their own. I can do work hard, serious and responsible, careful organization, and strive to do our best. Has been rated “outstanding member” “join the party activists,” “outstanding student leaders,” “outstanding youth volunteers,” and so on; In addition, self-confidence and self-discipline, punctuality, integrity, relationship with other people’s life style so I have good interpersonal skills, perseverance, personality not afraid to suffer the fear of difficulty, and continue to adhere to continuous learning, I have a flexible and innovative thinking. I firmly believe that the well completion of the work of the higher authorities.
      June 20XX, I am the people’s livelihood from the Henan University School of International Economics and Trade graduated. In college, I have learned a great deal of professional input of energy and enthusiasm with outstanding professional achievements by the completion of the course and twice received scholarships for outstanding students of Henan University. I am in school majoring in International Trade professionals have been the basis of a large number of economics courses, but also to strengthen the international trade of professional courses related to business, I have also stepped up their own self-Business English level, and the use of spare time on the legal, marketing, financial, accounting and other professional to carry out a certain amount of self-learning. Therefore, I think they have a learning Guomao have graduates working conditions, but also have the ability to engage in other types of related work administered. My future, your company is preparing for a glorious future contributions, hard work! If you are not abandoned, please call your company information, give me a chance to contact your company.
      Thank you for your busy schedule to give me concern, such as giving you the opportunity to allow me to interview with you, I would be very grateful. I believe your trust and my ability to bring together for the future opportunities and success. The cause of your company is willing to thriving achievements cause I wish you every success in the future! Eagerly look forward to your good news, thank you!