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      It is an Oak Tree 這是一棵橡樹
      One summer, two men, who had come to the country for their holidays.
      They were walking in an orchard. They saw that all the trees were bending under a heavy load of apples. Except one tree on which there were no apples at all.
      A small country boy was sitting nearby. They called to him. “Come here, boy. Here’s a six pence for you. Do you know why there are no apples on that tree?”
      “Of course I do, sir, because it is an oak tree,” answered the boy.
      那男孩回答說:“當然知道,先生,因為這是一棵橡樹?!?br /> 看了關于暑假的英語笑話后,學習啦小編分享關于假期的英語笑話2則:
      /1、Beautiful Hat 漂亮的帽子
      Mr Jones had a few day’s holiday, so he said, “I am going to go to the mountains by train.”
      He put on his best clothes, took a small bag, went to the station and got into the train. He had beautiful hat, and he often put his head out of the window during the trip and looked at the mountains. But the wind pulled his hat off.
      Mr Jones quickly took his old bag and threw that out of the window too. The other people in the carriage laughed. “Is your bag going to bring your beautiful hat back?” they asked.
      “No,” Mr Jones answered, “but there’s no name and no address in my hat, and there’s name and an address on the bag. Someone’s going to find both of them near each other, and he’s going to send me the bag and the hat.”
      瓊斯先生有幾天假期,于是他說:“我要乘火車山區度假?!?br /> 他穿上最好的衣服,拿了一個手提包,到了火車站上了車。他戴了一頂漂亮的帽子。在旅途中不時地把頭伸向車窗外觀看山中的風景,結果他的帽子被風吹跑了。
      “不會?!杯偹瓜壬f,“但是,我的帽子上面沒有姓名也沒有地址,可我的包上卻又有姓名又有地址。有人會在不遠的地方發現這兩樣東西,然后他會把帽子連同帽子一起寄給我的?!?br /> 2、A Vacation Cruise 假日巡航游
      One stupid guy reads an ad about a vacation cruise that costs only $ 100.After he signs up and pays, the travel agent hits him with a bat, knocks him unconscious and throws him out the back door into the river. Soon another guy comes in, pays his fee and gets the same treatment.
      Fifteen minutes later, as the two are floating down the river together, the first man says, “I wonder if they’re serving any food on this cruise.”
      “I don’ t know, the second guy replied. “They didn’t last year.”
      一愚笨之人讀到一則假日巡航游只須花100元的廣告。在他簽了字付了款后,旅游經紀人用棒猛擊了他一下,把他打昏了過去,并把他從后門扔進了河里。不久又來了一個人,付了錢并得到了相同的待遇。 十五分鐘后,這兩個人一起向河的下游漂去。第一個人說:“不知道他們這次巡航游是否提供食物?!?“不知道,”第二個人說道,“去年是沒有的?!?br /> 看了”關于暑假的英語笑話”的人還看了: