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      There once was an impatient farmer who lived during the Song Dynasty.(sòng cháo,960-1279 AD).
      Everyday the anxious farmer would measure the growth of the crops.
      To his dismay, his crops were growing much slower than he expected。
      The farmer racked his brains trying to find better ways of planting in order to get quicker results.
      One day he finally came up with a solution.
      He started to physically pull the crops out of the ground, thus making them taller.
      The farmer worked very hard and at day’s end was physically exhausted but mentally happy as his plan had produced the desired results.
      When the farmer went home, he told his son of his “brilliant” method.
      His son went to the field only to discover that all of his crops were all dead.
      Chunyu Kun (淳于髡) lived in the state of Qi (齊國) during the Warring States Period (戰國,475-221 BC).He was wise, humorous and eloquent. He skillfully advised the king on many occasions and successfully went to many states as an envoy.
      In the year 349 BC, the State of Chu (楚國) dispatched a large force to attack Qi.
      The king of Qi sent Chunyu Kun to the state of Zhao (趙國) to ask for help, with a lot of valuable gifts.
      The king of Zhao accpeted the gifts gladly and sent a hundred thousand troops to help Qi.
      The king of Chu withdrew his army that very night as soon as he got the news.
      The king of Qi was released and pleased with Chunyu Kun. He set a banquet for celebration.
      During the meal, the king asked Chunyu Kun, “How much wine can you drink before you’re drunk, Sir?”
      Knowing the king had a bad habit of drinking all night, Chunyu Kun decided to take this chance to admonish the king. So he replied, “I get drunk when I drink ten litres or hundred.”
      他幽默地回答說:“我有時喝一升酒就會醉,有時喝一百升酒才會醉?!?br /> Puzzled, the king asked, “Since you are drunk after ten litres, how can you finish another ninty litres?”
      Chunyu Kun then explained that he could drink different amounts of wine under different conditions. He said, “This occurs to me that when you drink to your limit, you get so drunk that you lose your sense; once joy reaches its height, then it’s sorrow’s turn. This is the rule for everything. Whatever you do, you are bound to end up in the opposite direction when you exceed the limits.”
      淳于髡就告訴齊王,在不同的情況下他的酒量是不一樣的。他說:“喝酒讓我想到一句古話:人喝酒到了自己的極限,爛醉之后就沒了理智,一旦開心過了頭,就會發生悲慘的事。所有的事情都是這個道理。不論你做什么,超過了限度,往往就會適得其反?!?br /> Realizing Chunyu Kun was advising him, the king answered, “You are right. I will take your advice.”
      齊威王知道淳于髡在勸誡他,回答說:“你說得對,我會接受你的建議的?!?br /> From then on, the king of Qi gave up his bad habit of drinking and playing all night.
      There were two high mountains between Jizhou in the south and Heyang in the north. One was called Taihang Mountain and the other Wangwu Mountain. Both of the mountains were very high. Just to the north of the mountains lived an old man called Yu Gong who was nearly 90 years old. With the two high mountains just in front of his house, his family and he had to walk a long way around the mountains whenever they had something to do on the other side of the mountains.
      One day, Yu Gong called all his family together to talk about how to move the two mountains to other places. His wife said, “An old man like you cannot even move a small hill, not to mention the two high mountains. Even if you can, where can you throw so much earth and stone?”
      “The Bohai Sea is big enough to contain all the earth and stone,” Yu Gong said. So it was decided. His children started to dig the mountains, led by the old man Yu Gong.
      A man named Zhi Sou saw them working and tried to stop them, saying, “You are so silly! You’re so old and weak that you can’t even take away the grass and trees. How can you move the high mountains?”
      “You’re wrong,” Yu Gong said with a sigh. “Look, my sons can continue my work after my death. When my sons die, my grandchildren will continue. So generations after generations, there’s no end. But the mountains can’t grow higher. Do you still say I can’t move them away?”
      Later the Heaven God, upon learning of Yu Gong’s story, was greatly moved. He then ordered another god to come down and take the two high mountains away.
      The story tells us that so long as one is determined and sticks to it long enough, anything can be done, no matter how difficult it is.
      一天,愚公把全家人召集到一起,商量著把兩座大山移走。妻子說:“憑你的力量,連一座小山丘也移不走,何況這兩座大山呢?再說,你就是能移走,那土石往哪里放呢?”愚公說:“渤海那么大,可以把土石扔到渤海里去?!?br /> 說干就干,愚公帶領子孫們挖起山來。河曲的智叟看見了,笑著阻止道:“你真是太傻了!以你的殘年余力,連山上的一根草都動不了,更何況大山?”愚公嘆了口氣說:“你錯了。你想想,我死了以后還有我的兒子,我的兒子又有兒子,子子孫孫沒有窮盡!可是山上的土石不會增加,還怕挖不走嗎?”