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      有關描寫風景的英語美文:Grand Canyon
      A famous American John Muir said in 1898: “The Grand Canyon… as unearthly in the color andgrandeur and quantity of its architecture as if you had found it after death on some otherstar.”
      一位著名的美國人約翰?繆爾曾在1898年說過:“(科羅拉多河的)大峽谷……它的色彩和構造的宏偉多樣是世上所無的,就像是人消亡以后在別的星球上發現的東西?!?br /> Like Muir, those of us who stand along the rim are prompted to wonder about the unearthlinessand the forces that created and are still changing this place
      After more than 100 years of studies, many things are still obscure. Today visitors come bythe thousands – the great and simple of the earth – all in a spirit of marvel. Travelers comefrom every state of the Union, from every country in Europe and Asia, pilgrims to a shrine thatis the same as the creed.
      From the depths of the canyon comes welling silence. Seldom can you hear the roar of theriver.You cannot catch the patter. Like applause, from the leaves of the cottonwoods on theshelf-like plateau below you. For all sounds are swallowed in this gulf of space. ‘It makes onewant to murmur.’ A woman once whispered to her companion. This silence is not the silenceof death; rather, it is a presence. It is like a great piece of music. But music made of manworks up to a climax and ceases; the Grand Canyon is all climax, a chord echoing intoeternity.
      Perhaps the most spectacular feature of the Grand Canyon, its Redwall limestone cliff, standsabout half way up the chasm and is practically vertical. Its average height is 550 feet — almostexactly that of the Washington Monument. Though it is actually gray-blue limestone, thesurface of the cliff has been stained to a sunset hue by iron salts washing out of the rocks.Above the Redwall come alternating layers of red sandstone and shale 1,000 feet thick, thencomes the next pale-blue layer. The topmost layers are a yellowish limestone.
      也許,大峽谷最引人注目的風貌特色是“紅墻”石灰石懸崖,它聳立在裂口半當中,幾乎是垂直的。它的平均高度為550 英尺–幾乎和華盛頓紀念碑一樣高。雖然它實際上是灰藍色的石灰石,但是從巖石里滲出的鐵鹽卻把懸崖表面染上了晚霞般的色彩。在“紅墻”的上方,是紅色的沙巖和1 000 英尺厚的頁巖交替 層,然后是淺藍色的沙巖層,最上層是淡黃色的石灰石。
      Now, visitors to the South Rim alone may number 18,000 in a single day. Some of that numberwill travel by mule train down Bright Angel Trail to the canyon’s floor, cross the raging river by asuspension bridge and amount to the North Rim.
      Though the two rims face each other across only 12 miles, it is a journey of 214 miles by carfrom one to the other. Nor can you visit the North Rim except in summer; some 1,200 feethigher than the South Rim, it is snow covered much of the year except in July and August.
      盡管南北兩緣面對面相隔只有12英里,可是坐車從一邊到另一邊的距離卻是214英里。北緣只能在夏天參觀;它比南緣高出1 200英尺左右;除了7、8月外,其它大部分時間都為冰雪覆蓋。
      But there is no day that you may not visit the South Rim and find the sun warm on your faceand the air perfumed with the incense of smoke from an Indian hearth. The Grand Canyon isan unearthly sight. No wonder an American writer and journalist said, “I came here an atheist,and departed a devout believer.”
      然而南緣任何時候都歡迎人們的來訪。在那里溫暖的陽光照在人們的臉上;空氣中彌漫著印第安香爐中散發出的煙香氣。大峽谷是一道超凡脫俗的風景。難怪一位美國作家兼記者說:“我來這里時還是個無神論者,離開時卻是個虔誠的信徒了?!?br /> 有關描寫風景的英語美文:??谥饕包c與周邊名勝
      1. Dongjiao Coconut Plantation
      Known variously as the “Kingdom of Coconuts”,”Golden Seashore”,and “Forest Park over theSea”,Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is a delightful choice for a holiday visit.
      Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is located on the seaside of Dongjiao Town,Wenchang City inHainan and is most well-known for its broad coconut plantation.There goes a saying thatcoconuts of Wenchang yield half of those grown in Hainan and the most famous is DongjiaoCoconut Plantation. The plantation is literally a forest with over 500 000 coconut trees includingthe red,green,well-bred,short,tall and other varieties.
      Walking along the shady paths in the forest,special scenic spots provide a feast for thesenses. Coconut Bayou,whose scenery is pictured on the famous series of stamps named”Seoshore Scenery”,engenders a peaceful and idyllic feeling of nature.
      In the Coconut Park,you’ll be inundated in a sea of coconuts of different shapes andsizes,including the uniquely “King Three Branches of Coconuts” named for the grotesquelylarge branches in the tree. Also noteworthy is Shuiwei Shengniang Miao,a temple for prayingto the believed goddess Shuiwei Shengniang to protect the fishermen.
      2. Dongahai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area
      Known for the largest and the first mangrove natural reserve area in China,Dongzhai Harbor islocated in the northeast of Haikou City with an area of 3 337. 6 hectares(about 8247 acres).It isa typical tropical jungle,and the mangrove tree family can be seen everywhere in the area.Mangrove is a kind of tropical tree that grows in swamps and sends roots down from itsbranches.
      東寨港是中國最大和最早的紅樹林自然保護區,它坐落在??谑械臇|一北部,占地面積為3 337. 6公頃(大約8 274畝)。東寨港紅樹林自然保護區是典型的熱帶叢林,區內紅樹群落隨處可見。紅樹林是熱帶、亞熱帶海岸潮間帶特有的木本植物群落,是一種獨特的濕地生態類型。
      Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area is also called “heaven for birds”.About 159species of birds inhabit the reserve,including many rare migratory birds. So it is not only anational mangrove reserve,but it is also a wetland of international importance especially as awaterfowl habitat.
      During the winter,the best season for bird watching in Dongzhai Harbor,tens of thousands ofbirds turn the area into a wonderland. Because of the nourishment the mangroves provide tothe swamp, marine animals prefer to spawn and raise their infants here. Fish,shrimp andshellfish in abundance can fill visitors’ stomach freshly and palatably,and provide asubstantial feast for the birds.
      Apart from the beautiful scenery,there is another natural wonder in Dongzhai Harbor:Villagesunder the sea. Historical writings say that at midnight on July 13th,1605,a severeearthquake occurred and made 72 villages subside into the sea.Hundreds of years later,the72 villages have become an amazing underwater sight waiting for visitors to discover theirextraordinary story.
      3. Holiday Leach
      Holiday Beach is a major recreational resort in the west of Haikou City,in Hainan Province. Thebeach , some six kms (about 3. 7 miles)long , enjoys a wonderful climate(average temperatureof 75.2℉,with sparkling waters,waving coconut trees,and plenty of sunshine and blueskies.
      假日海灘是海南省??谖鞑康囊惶幹饕獖蕵穭俚?。此處的海灘長約6公里(約3. 7英里),氣候宜人(平均溫度75. 2華氏度)。這里,晶瑩閃爍的海水、婆娑舞動的椰樹、充沛的陽光和藍色的天空相映成趣,構成一幅美麗動人的自然畫面。
      The resort has four zones:
      Sea Sports:Here,one can enjoy swimming , sail-boarding,kayaking,or just lazing on thebeach.
      Food and Culture:the Guaniingtai Plaza provides excellent sightseeing and a wide variety ofrestaurants and bars to satisfy every palate. The International Fishing Club offers high-techfishing tools and makes you enjoy the happiness of fishing.
      The Fun Section:this offers a wide range of family entertainment:the Music Square,a roller-skating course,a Children’s Movement Center,the Kingdom of Butterflies,and much more.Especially popular is the World above Water with its water ballet and diving presentations.
      Relaxation:Holiday Beach provides accommodation in a relaxing environment:everything fromvillas and chalets to tents and hammocks is comfortable,clean and safe.
      An unusual feature of the Holiday Beach Resort is the“kissing fish”.These fish can live happily in104℉ water,and they will nibble at your body to provide delightful underwater skin-cleansingcare!
      4. Nanli Lake
      4.??谀消惡?br /> The Nanli Lake is a famous scenic site in Haikou City,Hainan Province,located in Ding’anCounty,about 40 kilometers (24 .85 miles)far away from Haikou. It covers 46 squarekilometers(1 1 367 acres)and the area of the lake is 12. 3 square kilometers(3 039 acres).Herethe average water temperature is around 22 (71.6′)and the climate is quite good for the body.
      南麗湖位于海南省的定安縣,是??诘膫€著名景點,離??诖蠹s40公里 (24.85英里)。南麗湖面積46平方公里(11 367英畝),湖區12. 3平方公里 ( 3 039英畝)。這里的平均水溫大約22攝氏度(71.6華氏度),氣候對人的身體十分有益)。
      It is a large man-made lake. In 1958,the people of Ding`an built the Nanfu Reservoir here. As aresult,the water gathered in the valley became today’s Nanli Lake and the mountains becamethe islands in the lake. When mentioning islands, maybe you are not familiar with them.However,the islands in Nanli Lake are so unique. There are 13 islands and five peninsulas inall. The shapes of the islands are varied,such as the square,oblong and round ones. Amongthem,the largest one covers 39 600 square meters(9. 79 acres),while the smallest is 3 200square meters(0. 79 acres).
      Furthermore,lush trees and beautiful wild flowers grow on the islands;wild rabbits jump in thebush and birds show the beauty of their voice. Boating on the lake,you might think you arewandering “One-thousand-island Country”.And emerald water mingles with the hills to seem likea bright painting,while the islands are the green pearls dotting in this picture.
      此外,島上植物茂密,野花爭艷 ;野兔在灌木叢中蹦蹦跳跳,鳥兒展示著自己的美麗歌喉。在湖上劃船,你會感覺自己正徘徊在‘’千島之國”。翠綠的海水交織在一起,如同一幅明亮的油畫,而那些島嶼則如同點綴這幅油畫中的綠色珍珠。
      Additionally,as a scenic site,Nanli Lake provides splendid service of accommodation,catering and entertainment and the facilities are ample,including sumptuoushotels,restaurants,villas,the golf course and some facilities of entertainment above water.Thus,going on a holiday there will not disappoint you.
      5. Qiongtai Academy
      Qiongtai Academy is located on Wenzhuang Road,in the Qiongshan District of Haikou City. Itwas initially built in 1705 in memory of Cliu Jun,a famous scholar from the Ming Dynasty. Theacademy was named Qiongtai because aiu Jun was called “Mr. Qiongtai”.At one time,theacademy was the supreme institution of Qiongshan. It is now the site of the QiongshanTeachers’ Training School.
      The main building of the academy is the “Kuixing Lou Building”.”Kuixing” was believed to be thegod of examinations and the building was named after Kuixing to“help” the students whotrained here to win the imperial examinations. The building is a typical Chinese brick-and-woodstructure architecture with two floors. Green tiles,red corridors,carved beams and paintedrafters are splendidly set off by the green trees which surround the building.
      The events behind the famous story Search the Academy occurred here.Sometime during theQing Dynasty,a student of the academy fell in love with a maid of local governor. At thattime,young people did not have the right to choose their husband or wife. So the governorwas very angry after he found out about the relationship. The maid escaped before he couldpunish her and ran into the academy for help. The governor wanted to search theacademy,but the schoolmaster Xie Bao denied his request and sent the maid out of the cityduring the night. Final1y,the maid and the student married. They lived happily together,andlater the student succeeded in the imperial examinations.
      6. Tomb of Hai Rui
      Tomb of Hai Rui is situated in the western outskirts of Haikou City, 5 kilometers(3. 1miles)from the civic center. It represents people’s esteem towards Hai Rui,an upright anduncorrupted official. It was origi-nally built in 1589 during the Ming Dynasty(1368一1644),andsome of the constructions in the tomb garden remain intact. The tomb garden occupies an areaof over 4 000 square meters,and today it is rated as the Key Cultural Relic Preservation ofHainan Province.
      海瑞墓位于??谑形鹘?,距市中心5公里( 3. 1英里)。海瑞墓象征著人們對海瑞這位剛正不阿官員的敬仰。海瑞基園始建上明朝1589年,墓園里的一些建筑至今依然保存完好。墓園占地4 000多平方米,被評為海南省重點文物保護單位。
      Tomb of Hai Rui is a place worthy of a visit because there you can not only view the sceneryand constructions,but also know more about Hai Rui.
      Going across the Hai Rui Bridge and entering the tomb garden,you will be greeted by theexuberant pines and coconut palms and sweet lotus. Along the path stand stone statues oflions,goats and horses. Walking forward and stepping up three levels of stairs,you can see astone tortoise carrying a stele on its back.
      Thirty meters farther is the tomb area of Hai Rui. In front of it lies an incense burner which isalso solemn. On each side stand four 4-meter-high monuments by Hai Rui’s disciples andcolleagues. Behind those is the tomb of Hai Rui.
      7. Wugong Temples
      Wugong Temples,are approximately 5 kilometers(about 3.1miles)from the centre of HaikouCity,and were originally constructed during the reign of Emperor Wanli in the MingDynasty(1368一1644).It was renovated on several occasions during the QingDynasty(1644~1911).Now,it is a place known for its sense of peace,tranquility and beauty.
      五公祠距??谑兄行募s5公里(大約3. 1英里),明朝萬歷年間和清朝時期幾經修繕,如今,這里以其靜謐和絢麗的景色而著稱。
      After many years of renovation and development,the existing Wugong Temples are now anattractive ancient architectural complex that include the WugongTemple(Five Officials’Temple),the Sugong,Hairui and Fubo Temples,and Guanjia Tang(Watching Crop Hall),andXuepu Tang(Studying Hall).They cover an area of about 2 800 square meters(about().69 acres).
      經過多年的修繕和發展之后,現在的五公祠已成為一個具有吸引力的古代建筑群,包括五公祠、蘇公祠、海瑞祠、兩伏波祠、觀稼堂、學圃堂,占地大約2 800平方米。
      Wugong Temple is the main part of this building complex and Wugong Temple is considered tobe“the No. 1 Building in Hainan” even though it is only a two-storied wooden building. This wasconstructed to commemorate the five famous officials-Li Deyu,Li Gang,Zhao Ding,LiGuang and Hu Quan who were banished to Hainan during the Tang Dynasty(618一907)and theSong Dynasty(960一1279).
      Sugong Temple,located in the east of the Wugong Temple,is another fascinotingdestination. Su Dongpo was one of the greatest poets of the Song Dynasty. He dug twosprings for the locals when he heard that they were finding it difficult to get water supplies.Hence the local people constructed a temple to commemorate his contribution to theircommunity. One of the springs still exists even to this day.
      五公祠東側的蘇公祠是另一個迷人的景點。蘇東坡是宋代最偉大的詩人之 一,當他聽說當地百姓缺少水源時,便為他們挖掘了兩眼水泉。因此,當地人民為了紀念蘇東坡為他們做出的貢獻而修建了蘇公祠。其中眼水泉如今依然完好。
      On the right of the Wugong Temple,there is a peaceful yard where fresh flowers and thrivingtrees are planted. There are two main buildings here. One,the Xuepu Tang,is the old sitewhere the famous scholar Guo Wanxiang often gave lectures. The other is WugongJingshe,which is where the students of the Hainan Province,(at the end of the QingDynasty)learned historical works and poems.
      Other attractions around the place
      Wuzhi Mountain
      Wuzhi Mountain(Wuzhi Shan),located in Wuzhi Shan City,is the highest peak,with an altitudeof 1 867m(6 125 feet).In fact this mountain is 343m(1125 feet)higher than Mt. Tai,and hasbeen long regarded as the premier peak of China’s five most famous mountains.
      Wuzhi Mountain is the symbol of the island. The region has been listed by the InternationalTourism Organization in recognition of its supreme natural scenery which comprises one ofthe few natural rain forests surviving in the world today.Wuzhi means five fingers in Chineseand the mountain owes its name to its formation.
      The best time for visiting Wuzhi Mountain is between November and April the followingyear,while the best time for taking a trip down the canyon is from July to October. This area isan ideal place to visit if you want to avoid sunburn while escaping from the cold of morenorthern climes.
      Xixiu Seaside Park
      Xixiu Seaside Park used to be Xiuying Bathing Beach,which is a national training base forsailing boats. Next to the Holiday Seaside,Xixiu Seaside Park occupies 100mu,and thecoastline is 1 .2km.
      西海灘公園的過去是秀英海水浴場,是國家帆船訓練基地,與假日海灘毗鄰,占地6. 67公頃,海岸線長1.2公里。
      According to the plan of the State General Administration of Sports and Haikou municipalgovernment,Xixiu Seaside Park will be built into a multifunctional seaside fit forrace,sport,relaxation and entertainment,which contains an international training andcompeting base for sailing boat,an international yacht dock,a public beach for swimming andwater sports,and offers seaside tours and related services.
      The tour items at present are:Water Sports Center(including motorboat,sailing boat),SeasideService Center(including beach football,beach volleyball and sandy beach arena forentertainment),Sunshine Theatre,Barbecue Ground and Beer Heaven.
      有關描寫風景的英語美文:Major Scenic Sites
      1. Asian Dragon Bay(Yalong Wan)
      Located 25 kilometers east of Sanya city,Asian Dragon Bay(Yalong Wan/ Yalongwan Guff/Yalong Bay)is regarded as the best beach in Hainan province. Asian Dragon Bay(Yalong Wan/ Yalong wan /Yanlongwan Gulf/Yalong Bay) boasts unparalleled beauty. The 7. 5-kilometer(4.7-mile)long,crescent-shaped bay with an area of 18.6 square kilometers(about 7.2 square miles) is pne of the famous scenic spots in Hainan Province.
      亞龍灣位于三亞市東25公里處,被視為海南最好的海灘。 亞龍灣全長7. 5公哄(4.7英里),月牙形的海灣而積為18.6平方公里(約7.2平方英里)。亞龍灣的美麗無與倫倫比,是海南省著名景點之一。 亞龍灣位于海南省的最南端,即離熱帶海邊旅游城市三亞25公里(約7.2英里。
      With the average temperature a pleasant 25.5 ℃all year-around,Yalong Bay is situated in the southernmost part of Hainan Province 25km(about 15.5miles)away from the tropical seaside tourist city,Sanya.The scenery is amazing,with endess rolling hills,serene gulfs,clesr blue sea and silver sand beaches-three times as long as any in Hawaii.Home to several well-preserved coral reefs with tropical fish of varied kinds,colors and shapes the ocean here is crystal clear,allowing visitors to view underwater sights up 10 meters (33feet)deep from the surface.
      Yalong Bay boasts the five essential elements of modern tourism :sea,sands,sunshine,lush green plants and fresh air. In 1992,the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization once marked that this bay embraces the unique and unparalleled natural settings,sands,crystal sea water,endless seashore,unspoiled hills and pristine vegetation,making it a paradise for holiday travelers.
      亞龍灣現代旅游業引以為豪的五個根本要素是:海水、沙灘、陽光、繁茂的綠色植物和新鮮空氣。 1992年,世界旅游組織秘書長曾經評價說:這個海灣擁有獨特和無與倫比的自然設施、沙灘、水晶般的海水、綿延無盡的海濱、保存完好的山丘和原始植被,所有這一切,使她成為假日游客的天堂。
      Because of the unbeatable environment,Yalong Bay Resort was authorized by the State Council in 1992.The unique state-level tourist resort is characterized by its tropical ambiance-the resort holds seaside parks,deluxe villas,conference tenters,top-end hotels,golf-courses and so on. In recent years,with the perfection of facilities,thousands of travelers are attracted by its unique charm to swarm to this ideal place for vacation. And it is the first choice for people who conduct conferences and matches,including the New Silk Road Model Look China representing the top level model contests in China.
      In the centre of Yalong Bay square stands a Totem Pole of 27 meters(about 88.6 feet),on which the God of Sun,and Gods of Wind,Rain, and Thunder as well as those legendary animals such as Dragon,Phoenix,Kylin and Fish are engraved. The design of this square embodies the Chinese civilization of 5000years and has received recognition in winning the Lu-ban Prize-awarded to the top level design of architecture in China.
      在亞龍灣廣場中佇立著一顆27米(約88. 6英尺)高的圖騰柱,上面雕刻著太陽神、風神、雨神和雷神以及龍、鳳、麒麟和魚等傳奇動物。這個廣場的設計體現了中國5000年的文明,并獲中國建筑最高沒計獎魯班獎,從而得到了公認。
      With an area of 3 000 square meters(about 3 558 square yards),Shell Hall of Yalong Bay is located in the central square of the resort. And with the shell as its theme,the Shell Hall is a comprehensive exhibition hall combining exhibition and shopping
      占地3 000平方米(約3 558平方碼)的亞龍灣貝殼館位于該旅游勝地的中心廣場。貝殼館是以貝殼為主題,集展覽和購物為一體的綜合展覽館。
      When traveling through the hall。visitors will be surrounded by natural wonders dazzling each of the senses.
      In the north of Yalong Bay is the site of Butterfly Valley,which is classified into five halls that present the most precious species of butterflies in China and other countries as well.
      2. Dadonghai
      Dadonghai,one of the most popular tropical seaside holiday areas in Hainan Province,is located 3 kilometers(about 1 .9 miles)southeast of downtown Sanya, between Mt. Tuziwei and Mt. Luhuitou一Dadonghai has a crescent-shaped beach 2. 3 kilometers long(about1.4 miles)and clear blue sea ,sunshine,.white sand and green trees creating a beautiful location in the Torrid Zone.
      大東海是海南省最受歡迎的熱帶海賓度假地之。大東海旅游區位于距三亞市區3公里的兔子尾和鹿l回頭兩山之間其月牙形的海灣長2. 3公里,這里白沙融融,遼闊的海面如鏡,陽光、碧水、沙灘、綠樹構成了一幅美麗的熱帶風光。
      The famous beach is ideal for diving,beach sports,bathing and sunbathing.And as it has everything to support a seaside tourist location,including a large shopping square on the shore,amusement companies and a famous dive company that can provide scuba diving,ship diving,seabed strolling,speed boat,motorboat,luxury yacht,sail boat,ocean fishing,beach sports and underwater photography ,this location is renowned for water activities in Sanya and throughout China.
      Dadonghai has spring-like weather all year round. The water temperature is about 20℃even in winter,hence its reputation as an idyllic spot for winter holidaying and relaxation.
      3. Luhuitou Peninsula
      About 5 km(3 miles)south of Sanya City in Hainan Province lies a hill extending in the shape of an enthralling deer looking back. This hill is the very same one mentioned in the legend of the Li Minority Group. There once lived a diligent and brave hunter in the Wuzhi Mountain area so the legend goes. This young man came across a charming deer one day while out hunting in the mountain. He chased the deer for about nine days and nights,traversing numerous hills and dales.
      Having reached the Luhuitou cliff edge,there was no way(where)for the deer to escape except into the churning sea below. Just as the hunter was about to shoot the deer with an arrow,it miraculously transformed into a beautiful and enchanting girl Surprisingly,the deer was originally a fairy girl and was fond of the excellent character of the young man. She took a fancy to the seaside around Sanya and led the man here in the guise of a deer.They fell in love,got married and later settled in a village here一Hence the hill,the peninsula and the village are all named Luhuitou. Sanya City is also referred to as”Deer City”.
      Luhuitou Hill,at an altitude of about 280 meters(918 feet),is the main peak of Luhuitou Peninsula. It’s a pleasant place to appreciate the sunrise and sunset, and overlook the downtown area of Sanya City. At the foot of the hill,you can see various kinds of halobios,including starfish,crabs,sea cucumbers,actiniae and jellyfish. Up along the hill,a kind of red flower called Triangle Plum will come into view. It’s the City Flower of Sanya. Halfway up the hill,a tuft of Triangle Plum,de-scending like a waterfall,is a really amazing sight. Not far from the flower and at the foot of an old tree stands a tablet inscribed with the red Chinese characters ‘Hai Shi Shan Meng'(a solemn pledge of love.On the branches of the old tree are hanging many ribbons indicating the permanent love of peoples prayers. Walking along,you will see a pavilion called Shanmeng(unalterable love)Pavilion containing the Shanmeng Tablet,which corresponds to the four characters mentioned before. At the top of the hill,towers a twelve-meter(39 feet)high granite statue.The statue is really unique in its design;consisting of a deer looking back,flanked by the young Li hunter and the beautiful fairy girl,it’s a visual reminder of the memorable legend.
      The area around the statue has been turned into a park,called Luhuitou Park. The park contains the Observation Station for Halley’s Comet,the white Tingchao Pavilion(a pavilion for listening to the tide).the romantic Lover Island and Monkey Hill among other attractions.
      Luhuitou Peninsula is not only a romantic peninsula,but also a lush,natural environment covered with deciduous frees and plants. It is the ideal place to spend a winter holiday in China.
      雕像周圍地區已經變成了一個公園,叫“鹿回頭”公園。公園里哈雷彗星觀察站。白色的“聽潮亭”(聽潮的令子),還有浪漫的“情人島”以及“猴山”等其他景點。 鹿回頭山頂公園不但是一個浪漫的半島,還擁有一個被各種落葉樹和植物所覆蓋的青蔥茂密的自然環境,是中國冬天度假的理想勝地。