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      One fine day my brother went to play in the long grass near the woods. Ah Fu-our dog followed him. There were flowers everywhere. My brother enjoyed himself very much. Suddenly he saw a snake crawling through the grass up to him. He was too frightened to move. Just at the moment Ah Fu jumped over at the snake and fought bravely with it. Although Ah Fu was bitten by the snake, he was able to bite the snake to death. My father hurried over and gave Ah Fu a shot and Ah Fu was cured. It was our brave Ah Fu who saved my little brother.
      Human beings are different from animals in many ways. One of the differences is the ability of human beings to build. It is true that many animals are builders. Birds make nests, and bees make hives. But no animal could build the pyramids or the Great Wall or the Eiffel Tower. The variety, size, and beauty of the structures built by human beings is simply unsurpassed.
      Another difference is the ability of human beings to use intelligence. Many animals are probably more clever than we realize, but no animal has the ability to write, to reason, or to speak. Only human beings can invent computers, make use of solar energy. Only human beings paint, draw, compose music, and write poetry.
      These are but a few of the differences between human beings and animals. It is our special abilities that give us power to affect the world for the benefit of all mankind. We should be thankful for those abilities and learn to use them in a more wise way.
      In the morning, the sun was showing little half of the face, like shy little girl. “An auf” puppy huanhuan get up, he is like a clock on time every day, and it was not yet light is called to get up.
      I get out of bed, first and went upstairs, stretch your legs, curved waist, do morning exercises. At this time the dog huanhuan run to come up, with the first Dally my feet, and a voice from him, needless to say, it is to eat breakfast. I come out to a handful rice bowl and haven’t come yet and put soup put food, the little ChanMao but have already eat it, and now and then the hum and called on two sound, like in the said: “thank you, little master!”
      In the afternoon, the sun is shining, the breeze was blowing gently trees by the side of the road. I’m bored to stay at home, he found that the lateral lying on the ground of the sleeping late ?
      The U.S. is faced with the problem of wildlife extinction. By the end of 1600, the number of extinct wildlife species was less than ten kinds. But in 1900, the number was more than 70 kinds.
      There is nothing to make a fuss about the phenomenon. This is, anyway, a definite result of population growth and environment pollution. With the increase of population, people need more and more land to grow crops and more space to live. Thus, there is less and less room in the USA for wildlife to survive. With the rapid development of agriculture and in dustry, the environment is seriously polluted, which destroys the living condition of wildlife. Therefore, the phenomenonof wildlife extinction, in a sense, should draw people’s consideration.
      To solve the problem, both the government and the citizens should make ef forts together. The government, most important of all, needs to take some mea sures to control the birth rate so that there will be more room for wildlife species. The citizens, too, should develop their awareness of environment protection.
      Protect Animals
      Animals are our best friends. But there are many bad things about them. So we should try our best to protect animals.
      First, let us know the status of the animal. Now, animals are facing very great danger. For example, there are many kinds of animals will die out. And there are many people eat precious and wild animals. They are nasty. As students, we should stop this behavior and protect animals.
      Then, let us know we should how to protect animals. We should protect they habitat. If you see other people mindlessly trample animal homes, nicely remind them of the damage they’re causing. We can not also eat some wild animals. We should ask other people to protect them, too. Let we protect animals together!