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      I really want to be a scientist. I think the scientist is the best job for me. A good scientist can make the world change a lot. If I become a scientist, I will make the desert be coverd with green trees and grasses, make the war never take places and so on. Now, although I am only a middle school student, I am interested in math and physics. Maybe I have a little of creativity. I will study science harder and harder. I believe that “There is a will, there is a way! ”
      我真的想成為一個科學家,我認為科學家們是最適合我的工作。一個優秀的科學家可以使世界發生很大的變化。如果我成為一名科學家,我要使沙漠是覆蓋著 綠色的樹和草,讓戰爭不再發生等?,F在,雖然我只是一名中學生,我對數學和物理感興趣,也許我有一點點創造力,我會更努力的學習科學,我相信“有志者,事 競成!”
      wu jianxiong, a female chinese-american physicist, was born in taicang county, jiangsu province on may 31st, 1912. she went to the usa for further education in 1936. four years later, she got the doctor’s degree in california university. after that she received lots of doctor’s degrees in many famous universities in the usa. she devoted her life to her research in physics and won many prizes in the usa and all around the world. she had paid much attention to the development of science and technology in china, and she had been back to hold lectures many times since 1973. she set up a laboratory under her name in dongnan university in 1992. on february 16th, 1997, she died of heart disease.
      On 15th August, 2014, the ceremony of special training camp for the future scientist was holding in Beijing Astronomical Observatory. It is reported that the activity will last a week. The purpose of this activity is mainly through the expert panel and a series of experience activities to let the youth feel the charming of science. In the spot, the scientists share the knowledge of astronomy in an easy way and the youth asking questions actively. After the activity, the youth said that this activity is very meaningful and widen their vision. The activity also inspire them to study harder in order to become a scientist in the future. Besides, they said that the informative activity also support them a meaningful holiday.
      Artists and scientists both make valuable contributions to our society. It may seem sometimes that artists are more valued. That’s because those artists who are famous make a lot of money. However, they are relatively few. The fact is that scientists are more valued. They get more respect from society for the work they do.
      Artists reflect their times and their culture. A painter or a writer shows us in pictures and words what we’re like as a people. They record our culture for future generations. Actors and other performers, like singers and dancers, entertain us. They take our minds off our troubles, and remind us how beautiful and exciting our imaginations can be. Artists also help keep their societies mentally and emotionally healthy. For example, children that participate in the arts, such as painting or music, in school do better in their other studies. Art of all types is necessary to the human spirit.
      The contributions scientists make to society are more obvious. They include the cars we drive, the computers we use at home and at work, and the appliances that help us cook our meals and clean our houses. All of these come from the ideas and hard work of scientists. Because of scientific discoveries, we’re living longer and more healthful lives. Scientists also contribute to the arts. Movies are the result of science. So are television, radio, and the recording of music on CDs.
      Generally, scientists don’t make as much money as famous artists like film stars, opera singers or successful painters. However, our society gives them more respect, and they generally make a good living. Scientists are considered to be serious professionals, while artists are sometimes viewed as flaky, irresponsible people. So overall, I’d have to conclude that we value scientists more.
      3.my dream英語作文科學家