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      1. Time To Say Goodbye (莎拉.布萊曼)
      2. I Have A Dream (西城男孩)
      3. I m With You (Avril Lavigne)
      4. Holy Virgin( 舞動精靈)
      5. Stop!Stop!Stop! (圣女天團)
      6. We Belong Together ((瑪麗亞.凱莉)
      7. My Love(西城男孩)
      8. God Is A Girl (舞動精靈)
      9. Shut Up And Drive (Rihanna)
      10. I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)
      11. Pretty Boy (窈窕美眉)
      12. If You Had My Love (珍妮弗.洛佩茲)
      13. May It Be (恩雅)
      14. Baby I Love You (珍妮弗.洛佩茲)
      15. Rockstar (Nickelback)
      16. My Heart Will Go On (席琳迪翁)
      17. Yesterday Once More (卡朋特)
      18. Love Me Tender(貓王)
      19. Open Your Heart (麥當娜)
      20. Flying Without Wings(西城男孩)
      21. The Day You Went Away (窈窕美眉)
      22. World Of Our Own (西城男孩)
      23. To Love You More (席琳迪翁)
      24. Don t Give Up (莎拉.布萊曼)
      25. Big Big World (Emilia)
      26. You Make Me Feel (西城男孩)
      27. Music (麥當娜)
      28. Bye Bye Bye (超級男孩)
      29. Become (辣妹合唱團)
      30. As Long As You Love Me (Backstreet Boys) 31. Never Say Goodbye (Bon Jovi)
      32. Take Me To Your Heart (Michael Learns To Rock)
      33. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
      34. Lonely (Nana)
      35. Shake It Off (瑪麗亞.凱莉)
      36. I Believe I Can Fly (R Kelly)
      37. Because Of You (98樂隊) 38. Seasons In The Sun (西城男孩)
      39. The Power Of Love (席琳迪翁)
      40. Blue Moon (貓王)
      41. wake up call (Maroon 5)
      42. Just Show Me How To Love You (莎拉.布萊曼)
      43. Because You Loved Me (席琳迪翁)
      44. Tonight (西城男孩)
      45. Too Lost In You (甜心寶貝)
      46. FutureSex LoveSounds (Justin Timberlake)
      47. You Raise Me Up (西城男孩)
      48. Bleed It Out (Linkin Park)
      49. Fragile Heart (西城男孩)
      50. All For You (珍妮.杰克遜)
      50.never have a dream come ture
      51.Show me love
      53.One more night
      54. My oh my 55.Floorfiller
      56.All I ever wanted
      57.Don’t push me
      58.anyone of us
      59. Anyclub
      60.Key to my heart
      61.Because you live
      1.yesterday once more 歌手名carpenters
      2.此情可待 歌手名奧斯卡
      3.Unchaited melody
      4.冰河時代 歌手名群星
      5.lonely 歌手名NANA
      6.god is a girl 歌手名groove coverage
      7.As long as you love me 歌手名后街男孩
      8.my love 歌手名westlife
      9.Big World 歌手名艾米爾
      10.Rhythm Of The Rain 歌手名杰遜·多諾文
      11.baby one more time 歌手名britney spears
      12.the day you went away 歌手名m2m
      13.moonlight shadow 歌手名groove coverage
      14.rise and fall
      15.B What U Wanna 歌手名瑞典超男
      16.loveing you
      17.all rise 歌手名blue
      18.pretty boy 歌手名m2m
      20.you are not alone 歌手名michael jackson
      21.sound 歌手名celine dion
      22.do it all night 歌手名E-Rotic
      23.say my name 歌手名Destinys Child
      24.doo be di boy 歌手名Smile
      25.i could be the one 歌手名donna lewis
      26.I’ll be missing 歌手名2pac
      27.Don’t Push Me 歌手名Sweetbox
      28.La La Love On My Mind 歌手名群星
      29.i need you vs i need you 歌手名groove coverage
      30.she 歌手名舞動精靈