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      Nowadays, more and more college students are addicted to online games. Those games may be funny and exciting, but are very harmful to those addicts.
      In my opinion, there are many disadvantages of game addiction.Firstly, online games take up a lot of players’ time for study. Many of the addicts found themselves forced to drop out of school for poor academic performance. Secondly, addicts tend to isolate themselves from the reality. What’s worse , indulging in the virtual world for a long time, they are more liable to suffer mental problem and physical collapse. Thirdly , players are exposed to too much violent and unhealthy material, which is definitely harmful to their growth.
      In short,I cannot see any benefits from online games.Study should be the primary concern of college students. Therefore,I do hope they can step away from online games.
      With mobile phones widely used in our daily lives, various Apps emerge. Reading has therefore become more convenient. However, different people hold different views toward online reading.
      Though more convenient reading becomes, I like paper reading more than online reading. The reasons are as follows. Firstly, I cherish the moment keeping company with the book. When I bury my head into the book, the special fragrance of the book slips through my fingers, into my nose, then into my brain. How marvelous the feeling is! Secondly, I can take various notes on the book as long as I want to, which is not that easy to do when reading online. When I have finished reading the book, what I harvest will be not only the knowledge and idea the book conveys, but also my systematic thinking about the book, which can be vividly embodied by my notes on the book. Thirdly, paper reading won’t be distracted easily by irrelevant information which often emerges in online reading.
      Based on the above three points, I prefer paper reading to online reading.
      Will Online Shopping Replace Traditional Shopping
      Recently, we often show that shopping online is better than in store, but is this really the case? Actually, there is no consensus of opinions among people as to the view of shopping online is better than traditional shopping. Some people consider that online shopping will replace the mall shopping, stores will disappear in the future, while others argue that stores would unlikely to be disappeared, it has its own advantages.
      Most people shopping online because it is very convenient, there is no need to go out, just click the mouse gently, they can buy the goods they want. In addition, goods online are cheaper than entity shop that buyers can save a lot of money. But even the coin has two sides. Online shopping also has advantages and disadvantages. In recent years, we see a lot of news about online cheating, and many buyers complain about poor quality of the goods, which is different with the description.
      However, the situation above is rare in traditional shopping store, because the guest can communicate with the seller face to face. Buyers can also see goods intuitively. But the traditional shopping does not convenience as well as online shopping, for example, if people meet a traffic jam on the way to the shopping which will affect the happy mood of shopping.
      To sum up, online shopping and traditional shopping has their own advantages and disadvantages. They can exist together, in recent period of time, online shopping will not replace traditional shopping.