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      關于中學生英語小短文:我的小小夢想 My Little Dream
      Many years ago, I saw the movie Harry Porter and I was so impressed by it. The magical world was so wonderful that I wanted to live there. My thoughts were so active that I always dreamed about myself walking in the magical world and taking the risk. So I decided to write down the things I dreamed about and then made these become a book. This is my little dream, when the book is finished, I want to read them to my friends and my brother. Now I have written down a few pages, I continue to write every day. I get great motivation to finish my little dream. I imagine how happy I will be when I finish the book, so I keep writing it when I have the thoughts. I am so proud of myself for I never giving up to finish my dream.
      關于中學生英語小短文:團隊的力量 The Power of Teamwork
      I am the only child in my family, so I get used to doing things by myself. Since I go to school, my teacher always gives us the homework, the problem is that we must finish in a group. At first, I was refused, because I knew I could do it by my own. But my teacher insisted, so I had to work with my group members. I started to find that I got many ideas from my group members and I felt so happy to work with them. Now I realize that teamwork is really good, it not only relieves my pressure, but also brings me happiness. The power of teamwork is infinite.
      關于中學生英語小短文:學習的苦和樂 The Bitter and Happiness of Study
      Before I went to school, I felt so excited, because I was so curious about the campus life. Now I have been in middle school, after seven years’ study, I feel the bitter and happiness. The bitter is that there are always exams, sometimes I can’t do well. Every time when I get the low mark, I will be afraid of disappointing my parents. The happy thing is that I make many friends here. We play and study together. They are just like the brothers and sisters to me. This is the process of growing up, which mix pain and happiness. I am so lucky to have these friends in my life, they mean so much to me.
      關于中學生英語小短文:滿足帶來快樂 Satisfaction Brings Happiness
      There is classic story about a fishman and his wife. The fishman caught a golden fish and the fish asked the fishman to let it go for giving the fishman wish. The fishman’s wife asked his husband to get more, at last, the golden fish was angry and made the fishman back to the original situation. The story tells us that satisfaction brings happiness. When people are greed, then they will never feel happy, because there is always something they lack of. A happy man will cherish what he has and is grateful to life. The simpler life we live, the happier we will feel. If the fishman’s wife gets satisfied for the first wish, then they will live the good life.