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      以下是小編整理的英語文章: 從咀嚼方式看性格 ,希望能對大家的英語學習有幫助。
      Many a woman has watched in disbelief as their partner inhales their food minutes after sitting down to dinner.
      Men take larger, more powerful bites – meaning they finish eating more quickly – while women chew each individual mouthful more times – taking longer to finish eating their meal.
      Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University said there was not only a difference in how the sexes chew, but between different types of people.
      美國蘭開斯特大學心理與健康組織機構教授Cary Cooper說,咀嚼習慣的差別不僅僅存在于性別之間,也存在于不同的類型的人之間。
      People with ‘type A’ personalities – typically fast moving, impatient and ambitious people – tend to eat quickly.
      Conversely, ‘type B’ characters – who are generally more laid back, considered and approach things at a slower pace – will relish their mealtimes, Professor Cooper told MailOnline.
      This was thought to aid digestion, and means the stomach sends signals to the brain indicating it is satisfied, making a person feel fuller sooner, and eat less calories overall.