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      Replying to your advertisement…
      Answering your advertisement…
      Believing that there is an opportunity…
      Thinking that there is a vacancy in your company…
      Having read your ad…
      (1) Replying to your recent advertisement in the Boston Evening Globe, I wish to apply for the position of sales manager.
      (2) I am applying for the position of sales manager. I believe my qualifications will meet your exacting requirements.
      (1) I believe after reading your advertisement in this morning’s Journal that you are offering just the opportunity I am looking for.
      (2) Your advertisement in this morning’s Journal for an adjustment manager prompted me to apply for this position.
      (1) Having read your advertisement in the New York Times for an accountant, I thought you might be interested in my application.
      (2) In your advertisement for an accountant, you indicated that you require the services of a competent person, with thorough training in the field of cost accounting. Please consider me an applicant for the position. Here are my reasons for believing I am qualified for this work.
      I’d prefer not to set a salary, but since you ask, I consider 6,500 a month to be satisfactory.
      It’s hard for me to say what my salary should be set at, but if pressed I would have to ask for a month as an initial salary.
      I don’t feel that I should set my own salary, as I am happy enough to have the privilege of working for you. However, I would consider a month satisfactory compensation for my apprenticeship.
      As for salary, I do not know what to say. Would $4,500 a month be too much?
      Do you think I would be asking too much if I said 5,000 dollars a month?
      You know what my services are worth better than I do. All I want is a living wage.
      (1)軟弱、羞怯的: If you think I can fill the position after you have read my letter, I shall be glad to talk with you.
      (2)改寫后(較佳): If my qualifications meet your standards, I would be happy to speak with you in person.
      (1)懷疑,不妥、不安全的: If you are interested, please let me know immediately, as I’m sure an interview will convince you I’m the man for the job.
      (2)改寫后:I would like to request an interview. You can reach me by telephone at Beijing 123456 between the hours of 7-9 a.m. and 5:30-9:30p.m. any evening.
      (1) 哀求式的句子,不夠完整(漏掉面談時間):I would appreciate the opportunity for an interview. I can be reached by calling Beijing 12345678.
      (2) 改寫后: May I have the opportunity to discuss this matter further with you? My telephone number is Beijing 12345678. You can reach me between nine and five o’clock during the day.