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      1、The plain truth is that people are most often self-centered.
      2、There’s little wonder why young people often find it difficult to find an appropriate role model. No wonder they drink, smoke, fright, carouse and otherwise engage in inappropriate social behavior.
      3、It should come as no surprise to learn that many abused children become abusers later in life.
      4、There is probably a great deal of truth in the assertion that unecrupulous brokers are salivating at the thought of unsophisticated investors entering the securities market.
      5、There’s little doubt that China has spawned a new generation of Little Emperors, but the truth is that the fault rests with parents who spare the rod to spoil the child and not with children themselves.
      6、China needs to reexamine the results of political and social modernization in order to ascertain the benefits and indeed the detrimental aspects from a new perspective. Otherwise, various perceived accomplishments might in fact prove to be far from beneficial.
      7、It is essential to heed warnings of potentially catastrophic consequences associated with the Year 2000 computer bug and, in turn, to attach top priority to finding effective solutions to ensure a smooth transition into the new century.
      8、It is high time we put an end to the deplorable practice of infanticide.
      9、There is little doubt that immediate action is required to eliminate the scourge of corruption once and forever.
      10、In short, we must work diligently to make the world a better place for coming generations. We must not persist in pursuits harmful to the environment.
      11、We must avoid over indulgence and conspicuous consumption.We must instead continue to recognize the benefits of thrift in order to protect our new found prosperity.
      12、It is absolutely essential to reverse the irrational misuse of nonrenewable resources. For example, fuel-efficient motor vehicles must be developed to reduce oil consumption and alternative energy sources must be found to replace coal.
      13、While achieving success is easier said than done, persistence does in fact pay off. One of the most important traits of a successful person is self-confidence, another is desire, and still another is determination.
      14、Recognizing a problem is the first step in finding a solution.
      15、Many of the explanations offered thus far are at least to a certain extent valid, but none fully address the problem and the issue must be examined in a wider context.
      16、There has been undesirable trend in recent years towards the worship of money. A recent survey showed that X percent of respondents ranked getting rich as their top priority, compared to X percent only a few years ago. Why do people fail to realize that wealth does not necessarily bring happiness?
      1.Claiming something is true misses the point, while presenting verifiable fact proves its correctness.
      2.Suggesting that one thing …… is better than another thing …… bears no more significance than insinuating that black is better than white.
      3.Ignoring cause and effect is exactly the same thing as failing to look both ways when crossing a busy intersection.
      4.One who advocates the rights of homosexuals should not be surprised by the belligerent stance of opposition forces.
      5.The greatest problem with political and religious zealots is their total inability to consider the views of others.
      6.The basic stumbling block to global peace rests with the self-serving ambitions of many nations.
      7.The overemphasis on one particular aspect of a problem often obscures the relevance of other issues.
      8.Any presumption that smoking is in anyway beneficial is totally preposterous.
      9.The fallacies of many arguments are quite obvious.
      10.Arbitrarily dismissing the direct link between increasing sexual promiscuity and the rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases would be foolhardy. An even more foolish mistake would center on denying the need for extensive sex education programs worldwide.
      11.Chances are that man will eventually land on Mars.
      12.The likelihood for peace in the Middle East remains questionable.
      13.The necessity for nuclear nonproliferation seems clear.
      14.It is perhaps more accurate to consider the family as a blanket of security, rather than a cloak of bondage.
      15.While generalizations are dangerous, it is quite safe to present solid evidence.
      16.It seems almost certain that China will achieve this year’s economic growth targets.
      17.Reaching this year’s growth targets is almost a certainty.
      18.The urgency of the situation makes it necessary to reiterate the monumental problemsof population growth.
      19.A recent study revealed the surprising fact that many students pass examinations by relying on nothing more than rote memorization. It is horrifying to think that students graduate without a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
      20.Needless to say, advertising sells products. Where would we be without it? Shelves would be empty, consumers would have few choices and products information would disappear.
      It was not until I arrived home that I realized I had left the bag on the shop counter.
      It was then that I realized the importance of English.
      Only when I turned right at the crossing did that car crack towards me.
      Only by this means can he escape from the big fire.
      With the sun lighting brightly and the birds singing clearly, I went to school in high spirits
      He always likes to sleep with the windows open.
      Hearing that, the driver’s wife quickly added that her husband often talked nonsense after drinking. (低級形式:When he heard that, ……)
      Searched all my pockets, but nothing was found。
      ◆感嘆句:通常用于開頭結尾活躍文章氣氛,凡是“I feel ……”之類表達感情的句子皆可如此改造。
      How terrible I felt today! I failed again in the math exam.
      We came to a place to which they had never paid a visit before.
      I am always feeling terrible when I take a bus.
      I could find nothing but bad luck when I returned the shop after learning that my handbag had been left on the counter.