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      The Fox and the crow
      One day, a fox saw a crow sitting in a tree. The crow had a piece of cheese in her beak, and she sat in the tree to eat it. The fox thought, “I want that cheese,” and then hr thought of way to get it.
      The fox walked to the foot of the tree and said, “Hello, Miss Crow. You look beautiful today.”
      “Ready?” thought the crow while she looked down at the fox.
      The fox said, “Your feathers are so colorful and your eyes are so bright. But birds are not only beautiful to look at. They are also beautiful to listen to.”
      “Miss Crow , your voice is more beautiful than any other birds,” the fox said. “Please sing for me, and I will call you the Queen of birds.”
      The crow smiled and lifted her head. She began to sing, but when she opened her beak, the cheese dropped to the ground.
      The fox quickly ate it. “Your voice is wonderful,” he said, “but you are not very smart.” You gave me your cheese, so I will give you some advice: never trust anyone who flatters you.”
      The Donkey and the Shopkeeper
      A hardworking shopkeeper drove his donkey to the market to buy salt. On their way home, they had to cross a stream. The donkey was very tired, and he slipped on a rock and fell into the water.
      To the donkey’s surprise, his load was now much lighter. The water had washed away almost all of the salt. The shopkeeper took the donkey back to the market and bought even more salt than before. This time when they reached the stream, the donkey fell into the water on purpose.
      The shopkeeper saw through the donkey’s trick. He returned to the market and bought sponges instead of salt.
      When they reached the stream, the donkey used his trick again and fell into the water. But this time the trick was on him. The sponges became heavy with water and the weight of his load greatly increased.
      “I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” the shopkeeper said to the donkey. “If you use a trick to avoid work, you will just end up with more work in the end.”
      The Eagle and the Farmer
      One beautiful summer morning, a farmer went to check his animal traps. In one tap, he found a beautiful eagle. At first, he thought that he would hill the eagle and eat it.
      But then he thought to himself, “This is a beautiful and special bird. It often catches rabbits and mice that eat my crops. I’ll let it go.”
      He opened the trap, and the eagle spread its wings and flew up into the blue shy.
      The eagle was very grateful to be free again. It continued to live on the farmer’s land and catch mice and rabbits.
      Later that summer, the farmer was building a wall. It was high and made of large stones. Suddenly, the wall started to fall, but the farmer did not notice.
      The eagle, flying above, saw that the farmer was in danger. It flew down and grabbed the farmer’s hat off his head. The farmer shouted, Hey! Bring that back!”
      The eagle flew a short distance and then dropped the hat. The angry farmer picked up his hat and walked back. He saw that the stone wall had fallen. The farmer smiled and thought, “The eagle repaid me when I most needed help.”