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      Recently _______,what amazes us most is______________,it is ture that__________.
      There are many reasons explaining__________________________.The main reason is____________________.
      what is more_________________________.thirdly__________________________.As a result_______________.
      Considering all there,________________________.For one thing_____________________,for another____________.In Conclusion____________________.一種事物或現象(負面意義傾向)
      Nowadays, there are more and more [某種現象] in [某種場合]. It is estimated that [相關數據]. Why have there been so many [某種現象]? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows. The first one is [原因一]. Besides, [原因二]. The third one is [原因三]. To sum up, the main cause of [某種現象] is due to [最主要原因]. It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing, [解決辦法一]. On the other hand, [解決辦法二]. All these measures will certainly reduce the number of [某種現象].
      Nowadays ,there are more and more XX in some big cities . It is estimated that ( 1 ). Why have there been so many XX ? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows.The first one is that ( 2 ) .Besides,( 3 ) . The third reason is ( 4 ).To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( 5 ) .
      It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing ,( 6 ).On the other hand ,( 7 ). All these measures will certainly reduce the number of XX .
      (6)解決建議一 (7)解決建議二
      Generation gap between parents and children
      Nowadays , there are more and more misunderstanding between parents and children which is so- called generation gap . It is estimated that (75 percentages of parents often complain their children’s unreasonable behavior while children usually think their parents too old fashioned).
      Why have there been so much misunderstanding between parents and children?Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows . The first one is that ( the two generations,having grown up at different times, have different likes and dislikes ,thus the disagreement often rises between them) . Besides(due to having little in common to talk about , they are not willing to sit face to face ) . The third reason is (with the pace of modern life becoming faster and faster , both of them are so busy with their work or study that they don’t spare enough time to exchange ideas ).To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( lake of communication and understanding each other) .
      It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing (children should respect their parents ).On the other hand ,( parents also should show solicitue for their children). All these measures will certainly bridge the generation gap .
      In recent years , xx has caused a heated debate on ( 1 ).
      The factors for ( 2 ) .First of all ,( 3 ).Then , there comes a case that ( 4 ). Moreover , ( 5 ) . Especially when ( 6 ) .Indeed, these unique points can be collected theo remind people that ( 7 ).In this way ,we should behave just like ( 8 ).
      The impact of Television.
      In recent years , with the development of science and technology ,80 percent of all homes in China have satellite TV , offering as many as 50 channels .It has caused a heated debate on (the impact of television on children ). Many parents are worried about the impact of so much television on children.
      The factors for (parents’ worry is that children are indulge in television and spend too much time on it .) .First of all ,(with so many programs to choose from , children are not getting as much exercise as they should ).Then , there comes a case that ( some studies have show that excessive watching of television by millions of children has lowered their ability to achieve in school ).
      Moreover , ( the effect on children’s minds are more serious than the effect on children’s bodies ) . Especially when ( the children are too small to judge what programs are suit to them ) .
      Indeed, these unique points can be connected to remind parents that ( they should pay close attention to and responsibilities for supervising their children’s TV viewing ).In this way ,children will not be influented too deeply .
      1. 闡述名言或主題所蘊涵的意義。
      2. 分析并舉例使其更充實。
      The good old proverb —————-(名言或諺語)reminds us that —————-(釋義). Indeed, we can learn many things form it.
      First of all,—————–(理由一). For example, ——————-(舉例說明). Secondly,—————-(理由二). Another case is that —————(舉例說明). Furthermore , ——————(理由三).
      In my opinion, —————-(我的觀點). In short, whatever you do, please remember the say——A. If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you”ll necessarily benefit a lot from it. From Joozone.com.
      Recently, some cities are considering 主題詞, which has raised people’s concern.
      Some people say that 觀點一. And 繼續闡述觀點一. For example, 此處可舉一個常見的例子,更具有說服力. However, some others are opposed to the idea. They argue that 觀點二. Besides, there are 繼續闡述觀點二 , for example, 舉與觀點二相關的例子.
      As far as I am concerned, I’m against the 不贊同的觀點. because 原因, and 原因. I believe we should 做法. I think we all have responsibility to….