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      中國二十四孝經典民間故事: Leave Better Food for Mother 拾葚異器:蔡順
      Cai Shun was a man in Runan (today’s Henan) of the Han Dynasty. His father died when he was young and he was very pious to his mother.His time coincided with the Chaos Caused Wang Mang and famine and living expenses were very high. He could not but pick mulberries as food for himself and his mother.
      One day, he encountered the Red-Brow Army and the solders asked him: “Why do you put red mulberries and black mulberries into two baskets separately?”
      Cai Shun answered: “The black mulberries are for my mother and the red mulberries are for myself.”
      蔡順回答說:“黑色的桑葚供老母食用,紅色的桑葚留給自己吃?!?br /> The solders had compassion for his piety and gave him two deciliters of rice and one bovine hoof in respect.