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      1.I’d like to book a double room for Tuesday next week.下周二我想訂一個雙人房間。
      2.What’s the price difference?兩種房間的價格有什么不同?
      3.A double room with a front view is 140 dollars per night,one with a rear view is 115 dollars per night.一間雙人房朝陽面的每晚140美元,背陰面的每晚115美元。
      4.I think I’ll take the one with a front view then.我想我還是要陽面的吧。
      5.How long will you be staying?您打算住多久?
      6.We’ll be leaving Sunday morning.我們將在星期天上午離開。
      7.And we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.我們盼望下周二見到您。
      8.I’d like to book a single room with bath from the after-noon of October 4 to the morning of October 10.我想訂一個帶洗澡間的單人房間,10月4日下午到10月10日上午用。
      9.We do have a single room available for those dates.
      10. What is the rate, please?請問房費多少?
      11.The current rate is$ 50 per night.現行房費是50美元一天。
      12. What services come with that?這個價格包括哪些服務項目呢?
      13.That sounds not bad at all. I’ll take it.聽起來還不錯。這個房間我要了。
      14. By the way, I’d like a quiet room away from the street if the is possible.
      15.Welcome to our hotel.歡迎光臨。
      16.So you have got altogether four pieces of baggage?您一共帶了4件行李,是不是?
      17. Let me have a check again.讓我再看一下。
      18.The Reception Desk is straight ahead.接待處就在前面。
      19.After you, please.你先請。
      20.Excuse me, where can I buy some cigarettes?勞駕。我到哪兒可買到香煙?
      21.There is a shop on the ground floor.一樓有個商店。
      22.It sells both Chinese and foreign cigarettes.在那兒可買到中國香煙和外國香煙。
      23.Can I also get some souvenirs there?也可以買到紀念品嗎?
      24.There is a counter selling all kinds of souvenirs.有個柜臺出售各種各樣的紀念品。
      25.Excuse me,where is the restaurant?勞駕,請問飯廳在哪兒?
      26.We have Chinese restaurant and a western-style restaurant.Which one do you prefer?我們有中餐廳和西餐廳,你愿意去哪個?
      27.I’d like to try some Chinese food today.今天我想嘗嘗中國菜。
      1. 有什么需要幫助您呢?
      Excuse me , What can I do for you ?
      2. 你要訂什么標準的房間?
      Do you have any requirements of the room?
      3. 請坐下,稍等一會兒,我們幫你打電話預訂下。
      Take a seat and wait a minute , please. We are calling the (font office of )the hotel to confirm if there is a room available.
      4. 大床房 single room 標間 double room
      5. 請寫下你的姓名和電話,我們幫您預訂房間。
      Please write down your name and telephone , we need them to book the room.
      6. 房間為您保留到晚上6:30pm.
      We will keep the room for 6:30 pm .
      7. 這是酒店的中文/英文地址和電話,你到了酒店,只要報上名字就可以入住了。
      This is the Chinese / English address of the hotel , you just tell the font office your name .
      8. 你要打的去酒店還是坐大巴,我們可以幫你叫的士,你也可以乘通往阿波羅酒店的機場大巴到市中心后再打的。
      How would you like to the hotel ? by taxi or by bus ? we can call a taxi for you , or you can take the airport bus to the Apolo hotel and take a taxi on the city center.
      9. 汽車南站 the south station coach .
      10. 需要我們直接幫您叫出租車去酒店嗎?
      would you like me to call a taxi to the hotel for you ?
      3. 請坐下,我們正為你聯系的士,待會的士司機會過來,你就可以出發了。
      Seat and wait a moment . the driver will come and direct you.
      4. 請慢走,祝你旅游愉快。 Have a good trip.
      The convenient store sells the ID card , please follow me .
      2. 你可以去公用電話亭打。這里直走,在你右手邊。
      You can go to the public telephone station . just go straight , on your right hand.
      1. 這里過去直走,在書店旁,有個行李查詢處就是。
      Go straight this way , there is a luggage inquires near the book store .
      1. 就是隔壁,張生貨幣退換處。
      It is nearby , zhangsheng currency exchange.
      1. 你可以去二樓肯德基看看,或許有。
      You can go up stairs , the second floor , KFC, maybe you can on line.
      1. 您可以到二樓機票預訂處問詢。
      You can go to the up stairs , there are information desk . there you can book the ticket.