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      Hidden passengers traveling in ships, trams, or even cars can be a terrible trouble — especially when they are insects. As for this, there is a great 36 between human beings; and insects. The former 37 every possible effort to avoid being discovered, while the latter quickly 38 attention to themselves.
      We can only show mercy to the 39 man who had to slop his car soon after 40 from a country village to drive to London. Hearing a strange noise from the 41 of the car, he naturally got out to 42 the wheels carefully, but he found nothing wrong, so he 43 his way. Again the noise began, 44 and became even louder. Quickly 45 his head, the man saw what appeared to be a great 46 cloud following the car. When he stopped at a village further on, he was told that a queen bee must be hidden in his car as there were thousands of bees 47 .
      On learning this, the man drove away .as quickly as possible. After an hour’s 48 driving, he arrived safely in London, where he parked his car outside a 49 and went in- It was not long 50 a customer who had seen him arrive 51 in to inform him that his car was 52 with bees. The poor driver was 53 that the best way should be to call a 54 . In a short time the man arrived. He found the unwelcome passenger hidden near the wheels at the back. of the car. Very thankful to the driver for this 55 gift, the bee-keeper took the queen and her thousands of followers home in a large box.
      36. A. connection B. difference C. communication D. similarity
      37. A, do B. take C. make D. try
      38. A. give B. keep C. pay D. draw
      39. A. unfortunate B. careless C. unpleasant D. hopeless
      40. A. passing by B. leaving out C. setting out D. getting up
      41. A. front B. back C. left D. right
      42. A. clean B. change C. test D. examine
      43. A. drove B. continued C. pushed D. forced
      44. A. normally B. gently C. actually D. immediately
      45. A. hiding B. turning
      C. shaking D. raising
      46. A. black B. beautiful
      C. white D. colorful
      47. A. below B. ahead C. nearby D. behind
      48. A. boring B. careful C. exciting D. hard
      49. A. hotel B. museum C. hospital D. school
      50. A. when B. after C. until D. before
      51. A. broke B. moved C. hurried D. dropped
      52. A. crowded B. covered C. filled D. equipped
      53. A. advised B. required C. ordered D. requested
      54. A. bee-keeper B. policeman C. waiter D. repairman
      55. A. unfamiliar B. unknown C. unexpected D. uncertain
      36.B 37.C 38.D 39.A 40.C 41.B 42.D 43.B 44.D 45.B
      46.A 47.C 48.D 49.A 50.D 51.C 52.B 53.A 54.A 55.A