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      英語對話教學是師生結成 學習共同體 合作解決學生發展問題的多向交流活動,強調從生命的高度刷新英語教學觀,讓師生自由而快樂地實現各自的生命價值。學習啦小編整理了大學英語兩人情景對話,歡迎閱讀!
      A: My baseball game starts at 2 p.m. today. Will you be there?
      B: Yes, I will definitely be there.
      A: Great! I will tell my family to save you a seat.
      B: What position will you be playing?
      A: I will be playing first base, but the coach may switch me.
      B: If he switches you, what position will you play?
      A: I think he wants me to pitch.
      B: You are a pitcher as well?
      A: Yes, I am. I’m still training, but I can throw.
      B: I didn’t know that about you.
      A: Well, hopefully you can see me pitch today.
      B: Awesome! I can’t wait.
      A: Do you know who won against the Dodgers and the Cubs?
      B: I’m sorry, but I don’t follow baseball.
      A: Oh, really? Why not?
      B: I’ve never really got into baseball. I like basketball better.
      A: Oh, okay. Do you have a cell phone?
      B: Yes, why do you ask?
      A: Could you check to see who won the baseball game?
      B: Sure, let me check. It’ll take one minute. It looks like the Chicago Cubs won seven to three.
      A: Yes! I was rooting for the Cubs.
      B: Well, they won. Glad I could be of some service.
      A: Thanks again. Have a nice day.
      A: Do you have a favorite genre of music?
      B: No, but I have favorite bands.
      A: What bands would you consider your favorites?
      B: The Beatles are the first. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are the second.
      A: Is that all?
      B: No, I really like The Clash. They are third.
      A: I’ve only heard of The Beatles.
      B: You should check out the other two bands. They are good.
      A: Do you have any of their music that you could show me?
      B: Sure, come over to my house after school, and I will show you their music.
      A: Great! I’ve been looking for new music to listen to.
      B: Don’t worry; I will get you into a lot of new stuff.