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    1. 您的位置 首頁 問答



      part 1 say hello
      hello Ningning hello Fangfang
      part 2 do it
      hello Dingding hello Nannan
      hi Zhenzhen hi Lanlan
      hello Tingting hello Zhanzhan
      part 4 point and say
      good morning good morning
      part 5 listen and point
      evening morning noon
      part 6 sing it
      good morning to you
      good morning to you
      good morning dear teacher
      good morning to you
      part 7 Let`s learn the letter A
      1 ask and answer
      what`s that
      it`s the letter A
      2 say it
      A is the slide
      slide on the A
      3 read it
      catch and run
      part 1 catch
      part 3 catch and run
      catch run ,catch run ,catch and run
      part 4 listen and do
      run to the door
      run to the window
      run to the table
      run to the blackboard
      run to the teacher
      run to the flowers
      part 6 chant it
      catch a ball run to the door
      catch a pen run to Ben
      catch a pencil run to the middle
      catch run catch run ,cactch and run
      part 7 let`s learn the letter C
      1 ask and answer
      what`s this ,it`s big C
      what`s this,it`s small c
      2 say it
      c is the moon
      c is the moon
      we are on the moon
      we are on the moon
      3 read it
      cab cap cat
      exercises 1 read and point
      stand run catch sit
      2 listen and circle
      A pen B moon C door D girl E sit
      unit 4 colour it green
      part 1 find the colour
      white pink green black red yellow purple
      part 3 chant it
      green green colour it green
      red red colour it red
      yellow yellow colour it yellow
      black black colour it black
      part 4 ask friend
      what colour do you like?
      blue green
      part 5 listen and point
      black red yellow pink blue green purple and white
      which is the blue duck?
      which is the red duck?
      which is the black duck?
      which is the green duck?
      which is the purple duck?
      which is the yellow duck?
      which is the white duck?
      part 6 let`s learn the letter D
      1 ask and answer
      what`s this ,it`s the letter D
      2 say it
      harp chair
      big D is a harp
      smaal d is a chair
      the girl is sitting on the chair playing the harp
      3 read it
      dog doll door
      excercises 1 read it
      red orange yellow green indigo blue purple
      Let’s play
      1 Do it
      Stand in two lines.
      Turn right . Turn left.
      Hold your hands and stand in a circle.
      1 Say it.
      Hands up, one, two.
      Hands down, one, two.
      Hands right, one two.
      Hands left, one, two.
      3 Pat-a cake.
      You have one, I have one, two little children see a big man.
      You have two, I have two, four little children go to school.
      You have three, I have three, six little children plant many trees.
      You have four, I have four, eight little chidren stand at the door.
      You have five, I have five, ten little childre stand in a line.
      4 Let’s learn the letter “E”.
      1.Ask and answer.
      What’s this? It’s the letter Ee.
      Big E is for sail, small e is for whale.
      The ship has a sail, sailing behind the whale.
      2. Learn the words.
      bee feet see tree
      1 Count it.
      one two three four five
      2 Say it.
      a boy four boys a girl four girls
      unit 6 Hide and seek
      1 Show me your book.
      Show me your book,please. pencil eraser crayon
      Show me your book, please. Here you are.
      2 Hide your pencil.
      Quick! Hide your pencil. behind my back in the desk
      3 Seek it.
      Where is it?
      4 Say it.
      Quick! Quick!Hide and seek. Where is it? Where is it?
      Quick! Quick!Hide and seek. There it is? There it is.
      5. Listen and point.
      Where is the giraffe? Where is the flower? Where is the bee? Where is the elephant? Where is the tree? Where is the boy? Where is the cat? Where is the dog?
      7 Let’s learn the letter ” Ff “.
      1 Ask and answer.
      What’s this? It’s the letter Ff.
      2 Say it.
      Diving-platform, diving-platform, Ff is the diving-platform.
      Boys are diving, girls are diving, Ff is the diving-platform.
      3. Read it.
      face flag foot
      1 listen and circle.
      A. three green books
      B. four yellow bananas
      C. two pencils
      D. five caps
      E. a blue moon
      F. a red tree
      Point to your nose
      1 Say it
      What’s this? It’s a face. It’s a nose. It’s a mouth.
      What are these? They’re eyes. They’re ears. They’re teeth.
      2 Listen and point
      a mouth a nose a face an eye
      3 Say and act
      Nose, mouth, face. Nose, mouth, face.
      Eyes, ears, teeth. Eyes, ears, teeth.
      4 Chant it.
      This is my mouth. This is my hair. This is my nose.
      These are myears. These are my eyes. These are my feet.
      These are my hands. These are my legs. These are my arms.
      5 Do it
      Head, head, touch your head.
      Nose, nose, touch your nose.
      Mouth, mouth, touch your mouth.
      Ears, ears, touch your ears.
      Feet, feet, touch your feet.
      6 Let’s learn the letter “Gg”
      1 Point and say.
      This is Gg. Yes, it’s Gg.
      2 Chant it.
      Mum is a big G. A baby is on a small g. Mum and the baby, they are very, very happy.
      3 Read it.
      gem germ German
      2 Read it.
      I have two eyes. I have a nose. I have two ears. I have a mouth. I have many teeth. I have black hair.
      Unit 8 How many doors?
      1 How many?
      one orang two pears three apples four bananas two doors three windows one chairs
      3 Say it.
      One, two, three, three, two, one. Eat apples and have fun.
      4 Ask and answer.
      How many doors? Two. How many windows? Five. How many Tvs? Three.
      6 Listen and tick.
      1 It’s a door.
      2 It’s a book.
      3 It’s an orange.
      4 It’s a chair.
      7 Let’s learn the letter “Hh”
      1 Point and say.
      This is Hh. It’s the letter Hh.
      2 Say it.
      Big H are trees. They’re near a house. Small h is the house. The boy’s in the house.
      3 Read it.
      hat head hill
      2 Chant it.
      How many pears, how many apples, how many bananas?
      five pears six apples seven bananas
      How many books, how many pens, how many long pencils?
      ten books nine pens eight long pencils
      How many Tvs, how many doors, how many big windows?
      two Tvs three doors four big windows