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      一、 Draft a proposal report according to the following information:
      1 此報告就是否購買凱樂格公司(Kellogg Company)股票提出個人建議供有關人員進行投資決策時參考;
      2 凱樂格公司是一家從事食品生意在國內市場居領先地位的跨國公司,現在在開發新產品以滿足各種不同的營養需求和不同的顧客個人愛好;
      3 該公司現擁有42%的市場份額,并仍在通過廣告攻勢擴大市場份額;
      4 盡管公司仍以谷類食物為主,但正謹慎地實施著產品多樣化的計劃,包括冷凍食品;
      5 2003年公司的銷售額增長了約16%,達45億美元,而上一年則為37.8億美元,這已是連續36年的銷售增長。利潤增長了約14%,達到3.48億美元,而前一年為2.89億美元;
      6 由此可見,公司的財政狀況是非常好的,銷售額和利潤均多年連續增長;購買該公司的股票將是十分明智的投資決策。
      To: Related Investors
      Date: 6 March 2004
      Kellogg Company, a multinational company and a national leader in the ready-to-eat cereal business, has been developing new kinds of products to meet the different nutritional needs and personal preferences of consumers. The research and development activities are conducted at its headquarters. The Purpose of this report is to provide you with financial data necessary to make your investment decisions and to offer my recommendations.
      Kellogg Company commands 42% of the ready-to-eat cereal market. It is attempting to expand its market share by using advertising campaigns. Although its sales strategy still puts cereal first, Kellogg is responding to the challenges to its traditional business by undertaking a cautious diversification program involving the technology of frozen foods.
      In 2003, sales went up by 16% to $4.5 billion compared with $3.78 billion the previous year. This is the thirty-sixth consecutive year that sales have increased. Earnings rose by 14% to $348 million compared with $2.89 million the previous year.
      Conclusions and Recommendations
      The company’s financial position is clearly very strong. It has experienced a steady growth in both sales and earnings. It is my opinion, therefore, that buying Kellogg Company’s stock would be a very wise investment.
      二、 假設你剛剛得知你一直與之做進口生意的John Smith先生被提升為ABC貿易公司副總經理(Deputy Managing Director),代表進口部給他寫一封信表示祝賀。
      Dear Mr Smith
      It is a pleasure to congratulate you on your recent promotion to Deputy Managing
      Director of ABC Trading Company.
      Because of our close association with you over the past ten years, we know how well
      you are qualified for this important office. You earned the promotion through years of
      hard work and we are delighted to see your true ability win recognition.
      Agai, congratulations and best wishes for continued success.
      Sincerely yours
      Blank Lee
      Import Manager