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      Types of University Students
      University students are different.They come from different parts of the country,speak various dialects,and follow their distinctive regional customs.However, a closer look at their purposes of learning at universitywill enable us to classify them roughly into three groups:those who learn out of instinct,those who learn for a promising future, and those who learn with no definite purposes.Firstly, there are a handful of students who learn without fatigue simply because they like to learn.They read a great deal of British and American novels because they are keenly interested in literature. Others sit in front of the computer screen, working on one new program after another all day and all night because they have discovered beauty in complicated signal patterns, and dream of becoming “Bill Gates” one day.
      Secondly, there are job-oriented who work hard for a better career.It is arguable that the majority of university students fall into this category.After enrolling in the hottest specialty of the moment, they throw themselves into books, whether they like them or not,so as to absorb the most knowledge and to obtain all the available certificates,which may serve as a competitive edge in the cut-throat human resources market in four years’ time.Thirdly, there is a small fraction of students who learn without an aim.They take courses, finish assignments, enjoy life on campus,but lead a directionless life.They do not know what they are doing,nor what they are willing to do,nor what they will be doing after college.They are a group of “sleepers”.Students from all parts of the country gather in the same university.After four years, they part to continue their various lives.However, it is almost certain that those who learn out of instinct will be happy,those who learn with a determination will be professionally successful at least,and those who learn without an aim will end up with nothing.
      the history of thanksgiving day
      in the united states,the fourth thursday in november is called thanksgiving day. on this day, americans give thanks for the blessings they have enjoyed during the year. thanksgiving is usually a family day,celebrated with big dinners and happy reunions. the first american thanksgiving was held in plymouth, massachusetts in 1621.in 17th century, a group of pilgrims left england to explore the new world. it was in september of 1620 when their ship called the “mayflower” left port with 102 men, women, and children on board.
      they landed in province town harbor after 65 days at sea.the pilgrims were poorly trained and poorly equipped to cope with life in the wilderness.during their first winter in the new land, they suffered tremendously.poor food, hard work, infectious diseases,and bitterly cold weather killed about half of them. by the end of this terrible first winter,only about 50 remained alive.
      one spring morning in 1621,an indian walked into the little village of plymouth and introduced himself in a friendly way.later, he brought the indian chief, massasoit, who gave gifts to the people and offered assistance.the indians of massasoit’s tribe taught the pilgrims how to hunt, fish, and grow food.they taught the pilgrims to use fish for fertilizer in planting corn, pumpkins, and beans.because of this help from the indians,the pilgrims had a good harvest. governor william bradford was following an ancient tradition when, in the fall of 1621, he issued a proclamation establishing a day of thanksgiving to god.the governor also decided to use this religious occasion to strengthen the bond of friendship between the pilgrims and their indian neighbors. so he invited chief massasoit and his braves to share the thanksgiving feast. the indians gladly accepted and sent five deer ahead.the pilgrim men went hunting and returned with turkey and other wild game.the women of plymouth prepared delicious dishes from corn, cranberries, squash and pumpkins.
      my perfect wife
      i am a twenty-two-year-old male, single, and live at home with my parents.at my age, i am always looking for a great girl to be with for the rest of my life. the perfect wife will be different to every man because no two men are looking for the same qualities in a wife. people say that the appearance of a mate should not make any difference, but it is nice to have someone decent-looking.the physical aspects of the girl will play an important role in whom i pick for my wife. i think overall, i want a slim-figured woman with a pretty face. i am a very energetic person, the type of person that cannot just stay home and do nothing. i would want a wife who would want to play a game of tennis or would go running with me.
      i would want her to be involved with life instead of watching television or reading a book all night. she needs to be energetic, enjoy camping, boating, or just taking a couple of weeks off and traveling. the woman of my dreams must be full of energy and able to cope with everyday happenings. i would also like to have a wife who is well-educated. she does not necessarily have to have a four-year college degree but should be a girl who knows what is going on in the world. she must be ambitious in her career rather than relying on her husband’s income. she needs to be helpful, knowledgeable about financial and practical household matters. my wife must be intelligent enough to make decisions on her own without relying on me. she must be a woman with a brain as well as good looks. there is no doubt that the “perfect wife” is hard to find.i think no two people should be married until they are totally convinced that they are made for each other.