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      119.Have you got any experience in advertising?你有廣告方面的經驗嗎?
      120.Do you have any sales experience?你有銷售經驗嗎?
      121.Do you have any practical experience as a secretary?你有秘書工作的實踐經驗嗎?
      122.Yes,I have been working in the Public Relations Section of a company in the past two years.
      123.Yes,I worked in a fashion shop last summer as part-time salesgirl.有,我曾在一家時裝店任兼職售貨員。
      124.Yes,sir.I have been a secretary in an insurance company.是的,先生,我一直在一家保險公司擔任秘書工作。
      125.Although I have no experience in this field, I’m willing to learn.
      126.I am sorry to say that I have no experience in this field.
      127.Would you tell me the essential qualities a secretary should maintain?
      128.Well,to begin with,I’d say she needs to be diligent,and the second point is that she has to do a lot of things on her own initiative.Finally,she can make report writing,summary writing,keep minutes at meetings,and so on.Most important of all is that she seems to have a better memory than average.
      129.What have you learned from jobs you have held?你從以往的工作中學到什么?
      130.Above all,I have learned that what is good for the company is good for me.So I follow the instructions strictly and always keep my boss informed.
      131.What work were you responsible for at your previous work unit?你在原來的單位負責什么工作?
      132.I was responsible for advertising designs.我負責廣告設計。
      133.How many employer have you worked for?你已經為多少個雇主工作過?
      134.Only one,since I have been graduated from the university for just over a year.